Friday, July 06, 2007


REDUNDANT, adj. Superfluous; needless; de trop.
The Sultan said: "There's evidence abundant
To prove this unbelieving dog redundant."
To whom the Grand Vizier, with mien impressive,
Replied: "His head, at least, appears excessive."
—Habeeb Suleiman

Mr. Debs is a redundant citizen.
—Theodore Roosevelt
2007 Update: Redundant.


TLP said...

Some folks think anything worth saying is worth saying again.

Sar said...

Some folks thing anything worth saying is worth saying again.

Sar said...

(TLP - I couldn't have asked for a better set up than that, teehee!)

Happy Friday all!

TLP said...

We already done dat, Sar, so I guess we're gonna re-done dat again. Deja vu all over again.

TLP said...

Your turn Sar.

Ariel the Thief said...

wow, Doug, I am adding you to the "List of minimalist artists" in Wikipedia.

now that you have achieved all that you'd been expected to do what are you going to do with your life?

Anonymous said...

i'm a little disappointed you didn't do the same thing you did for THIS WORD, around this time, last year.

that said, i'm a little disappointed you didn't do the same thing you did for THIS WORD, around this time, last year.

also? i'm a little disappointed you didn't do the same thing you did for THIS WORD, around this time, last year.

~Mo'a~ said...

In England one has been made Redundant, when one has lost his or her in the US one is boring.

TLP said...

That Puppy. Repetitiously repeating herself all over again. That's just plain ol' repetitive, it is. Maybe even redundant.

Anonymous said...

Teacher: Can anyone use the word "redundant" in a sentence?

Johnny: You said my essay wasn't good enough, so I re-doned it."

Anonymous said...

TLP: repetitive, yes... and redundant. i mean, i linked to 3 different posts he did on the same word on the same day... that's kind of redundant, right? or is it simply repetitive? rats, now i'm confused. not to mention mix-ed up. d'oh!

wish i could be like "Johnny" and redoned my first comment. (loved that, Quilly) ; )

G said...

Quilly and Snuppy, that reminds me of a Little Rascals episode in which the teacher asks Buckwheat to use the word isthmus in a sentence.

He replied, "Is mus' be my lucky day!"

Redundant: One man's "never gets old" is another's redundant.

Nessa said...

All the good jokes have been done. I refuse to re-dun-that.

Anonymous said...

...what she said.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it. No one here's from the Department of Redundancy Department? Where are all the Firesign Theatre fans? Huh?

REDUNDANT, n. Having beaten the boss at golf. Yep, know all about that British (also Australian, New Zealand, Indian, South African, etc. etc.) usage.

TLP said...

Amoeba, I had forgotten about the Dept. of Redundancy Dept. Good one.

Made me think of PIN number. Or ATM machine. And UPC code. And the ever popular HIV virus.

Jamie Dawn said...

Redundant: redundant

Well done, Doug.
It doesn't get any better than that.
Good job.
Nice work.

Unknown said...

Redundant, adj. The next breath.

TLP said...

FUNNY Actonbell.
Thanks for trying to get a bonus gift for me and Sar.

(Are you listening Doug? What I really need are minions.)

Doug The Una said...

TLP and Sar, I had a feeling you guys would have fun with this one.

Ariel, it's all gravy now. Up til now it was mostly gravy, anyway.

Neva, that's some memory. Funny.

You know why the difference? Because we start out superfluous.

TLP, I did the same a year ago and apparently, that puppy's been holding it against me since.

Taken from the annals of experience, Quill?

Puppy, I heard you the first time.

G, ain't that the truth. It usually leads to murder.

Nessa, a new twistish. Thanks.

And said, and said, Joel. I feel your pain.

Amoeba, you make me nostalgic for the trucks with "City of Iowa City, Iowa" painted on their sides.


Thank you, Jamie Dawn. I appreciate that. It's nice of you.

a4g and most often the last one.

Actonbell, and how often did he tell you about it?

TLP, I can get you minions twelve for a dollar. What's weird is, when you cut them they make you cry.

Anonymous said...

i'll gladly pony up to the TLP minion table Tuesday for a veggie burger today. wait. i'll go to TLP's minion table first -- i like 'em on my burgers, too! (with cheese... something i suspect i have in common with TLP!)

had i been less fatigued myself, yesterday, i would surely have come up with something better than mocking you for a funny thing you did a whole stinkin' year ago, Shirley. alas, i was experiencing the "Groundhog Day" that has become our life with our youngest son, which meant i was barely cognizant, let alone coherent.

Minka said...

personally I think redundant as a definition for redundant is just plain lazy...but I am also the one who thought eventually Amwerican Idol would go out of fashion! People think a lot, don't they?

redundant, the doorbell or phone ringing when one just got into the tub (it always happens!)

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, far be it for me to make you feel bad for laughing, killer.

Indie, I'd be a bad host to compare but I'll sure agree that Weirsdo has a lot of exceptional talents and this is one. An audiobook of Family Values and her upcoming novella would be a pretty outstanding product to come from blogs.

Weirsdo, thank you again. I felt an inappropriate pride listening to you read this.

Ariel the Thief said...

to the episode of last Saturday!