Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Friend in Pursuit

Episode 29 of The Meditations of Diogenes The Cynic. Thanks to this week's reader.

Greek children are to not be heard as well.

This week, the Prattler was struck with a momentary good mood and there will be no post until it passes.

Read the story in Sinope.


Minka said...


Minka said...

How do you like them apples?!

Minka said...

brilliant, brilliant...*claps*

Ingenious writing and I love that voice :)

revision? laser eye surgery! Why?

Anonymous said...

Great story... great reading!

fabulous. absolutely fabulous!

that voice: familiar, yet not. sounds a lot like you, Doug, only more, shall we say experienced. ; )

Jamie Dawn said...

This week's reader is BY FAR the most unique of all the readers thus far. I've never heard such a voice!

Whew! That was a close one for Alice. I thought for sure she was a gonner.

NAKED!!!! It's the weekend!!!!

Revision: a word my son hates - it means he must do more school work

TLP said...

WONDERFUL reading! This guy has a future in the biz.

Who the heck is it?

TLP said...

Minka! Isn't there something else you shoulda be doing????

Voices of NLD said...

Revision: a word not dared uttered in my presence--up to the I don't know how many revisions of....

Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! What a reading, did you get a professional in Doug? It sounds like...I can't think of the actor, it will come to me.

Wonderful, the story, the reading and you know I feel pretty protective over those kids too.

Loved it.

Lila said...

Oh, yeah, Doug.... that voice is a relative of yours for sure. Great reading! Bravo! Author, author!

Mo'a said...

It took me two days to finally get to hear your well read and great story...Why? You say did it take two days...Revisions were needed on my computer...or, do they call it up-dates?
Hope your good mood does not set you too far back...grouchiness and sarcasm are your best suits...I do however enjoy seeing your soft side now and then.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Alice was lucky that the lion preferred mutton to murderess.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, but not contact lenses?

Good ear, Actonbell. You bet it is! While I was flitting about the country reciting long anecdotes before favorable audiences, dad was down in the salt mine reading stories.

Neva, in what way more experienced? According to dad, we're the same age.

Jamie Dawn, the disadvantage of homeschooling is the teacher likes to read your work. I'll let dad know he has a fan.

TLP, probably not that long a future.

Yeah, Pia. Forget I mentioned it. In your case, by revision, I mean "stamped."

G, I'd let no harm come to those kids.

Right you are, AP3. See above.

Mo'a, some how those are never good days so I'm sorry it took two of them.

Cheesie, we all are.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I knew that unequivocally. Nice job Pops.

Jamie Dawn said...

That was your dad??
I thought it was you.
Well, he did a wonderful job. :-)

Anonymous said...

by "experienced" i mean "one having to deal with the likes of you for nigh on to 39 years... and counting", bub.

otherwise, i'm quite sure your dad is right. ; )