Friday, November 23, 2007


ACHE, v.i.  To act like the tomb of a cucumber.

2007 Update:  To suffer and discover ambition, or recover from the same.


Indeterminacy said...

Ache du lieber! Das ist Deutsch. I think it means Weltschmerz.

Tom & Icy said...

Ache, a hallmark of aging.

Anonymous said...

Ache: it's all in your head -- except when it isn't. ; )

eh -- don't ask. the mind suffers on the heels of too much food plus not enough sleep and/or caffeine. ouch.

Anonymous said...

Ache: what your fingertip does when you can't find the sliver.

Jim said...

Ache: I break for ache(s), snake(s), and dog(s).

Ache: I've experienced the suffering (of ambition) but never the discovering, and the recovering is terrible (been there!).

mireille said...

Better to suffer, discover and, hopefully, recover ... than to have never ... at all. xoxo

Nessa said...

That first definition sounds like Freudian dirty stuff. I don't get it. (This sounds really funny in my head.)

Merry Belated Turkey Holiday. Come see my gobbler.

TLP said...

A.C.H.E. Aging Curmudgeons for Higher Erudition.

Ambrose's defintion doesn't make sense to me either. And I've had coffee. Somebody help me please.

Anonymous said...

Ache: That feeling behind your eyes when the vision there can't be formed.

Hope y'all had a nice Thanksgiving or Thursday if you're not into gorging yourself, family squabbles and boring football. Now that's an ache.

Doug The Una said...

Waß die Königin Der Nacht hat für Serastros Todenschmerzen gefühllen, Indie? (Sure hope Minka doesn't read this.)

Tom, it's also a hallmark of youth. Or was.

Neva, the day after Thanksgiving, I know just what you mean. I quit drinking years ago only to discover hangovers come just as easily sober.

Jenn, that's why we were giben two knuckles.

Jim, I'm still waiting for ambition to occur to me.

Mireille, you mean a mortgage?

Nessa, I'm with you. To be honest I was going to put an editorial question mark at the end of Bierce's definition but I wasn't sure if that's [?] or (?) I find it hilarious, but I don't get it. The best I can figure is it has to do with passivity and irrelevance or maybe unimportance.

TLP, I think we just founded a new and much-needed association. You want to be President or Treasurer?

Brian, I enjoy gorging myself and football. Family squabbles are frustrating because you're not supposed to kick anyone.

mireille said...

I think I found it! "One of the largest tombs at Gebel al-Mawta in the Siwa Oasis of Egypt is that of Niperpathot. Niperpathot can be translated as 'He who belongs to the house of Thot' ... [inscribed] on the wall facing the entrance, Niperpathot worships Osiris who sits on a stool with the goddess Hathor beside him. Before Osiris is an offering table and opposite it stands Niperpathot. The tomb owner's head is shaved and he wears a necklace, a long apron with a panther's skin over it and sandals. The stand of the offering table is in the shape of a lotus flower, and over it appears six loaves of bread, a gazelle, two geese and a cucumber." xoxo

Anonymous said...

Family squabbles are frustrating because you're not supposed to kick anyone.

You're not?!?

Anonymous said...

Hey guys n dolls! Quilly got Bierce's definition right away. It's perfect for the day after Thanksgiving ... especially with all that other stuff piled on top of the cucumbers.

Here's a hint.

And Doug, you're quite right. You need some ambition to shovel all that stuff down, knowing the tomb you'll be in later.

At least, if you're hanging out here, you're not killing yourself shopping ...

Mo'a said...

So the Ache was not from being kicked, I take it...perhaps it is tryptophan poisioning.

Anonymous said...

ache: yes hangovers seem to come more easily, actually, sober

I ache constantly, in both body and soul, as I prepare to move

Doug The Una said...

That must be right, Mireille. (!)

Jenn, I may be behind on etiquette lessons.

AH! Well done, Quilly and Amoeba. Ambrose made a gas joke.

Mo'a, kicks never ache. I had a pretty good tryptophane buzz.

Pia, why is that? It's true and yet wrong.

Minka said...

Of course Minka reads this, eventually! And then she smiles some.

ache,n. the limitations of illusion and painkillers