Saturday, December 22, 2007

Shahrazade's Wedding, Part X

"The Beowulf of Wedding Planning" -Actonbell

To hear the story, consult your neighborhood seamonster.

If you want to read the story, please wear your personal floatation device.


TLP said...

I don't need a floatation device. Fat floats.

TLP said...

A cliff hanger for sure! You're going to leave us here biting our nails over Christmas I guess.

Very clever story.

mireille said...

wow. And the kid is the size of a temple! Not just another roadside attraction. A twofer. You don't think Shahryar subconsciously willed this, do you? It's one way to end an engagement. After the food arrangements have been made. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Well, Mr. P-Doggy, I can onley say that this is exacktly the same sort of indignaty that the CHEESE MISTRESS wood end up subjeckting me too thru her incompatense. The way thing's are going heer in the Never World, I won't be geting any CHRISTMAS PRESENT'S!!!! I hope you will go heer and see how you can save me from this horrable fait!
Kiss Kiss,

tsduff said...

I'm hanging on to TLP.

Island Monster - G should be proud.. although I doubt seriously that Tali still sucks her tentacle. I enjoyed the visual of the ship flying out of the water and into the air. (PS - the neighborhood sea monster doesn't look scary enough)

Lila said...

I'm another flotation device, along with TLP. Grab on!

LOVING the sea monster! What is that, HR Puffinstuff?

Jamie Dawn said...

A cliffhanger indeed!
Momma monster and baby monster... how sweet!

Now, get out and shop for your sobrinos & sobrinas!
Necesitan regalos.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, a baby sea monster playing with boats in the bath. There was something very familiar about that Mommy sea monster ....

Cooper said...

We will wait patiently for next year.

Merry Christmas to you.

Anonymous said...

the boat made an arc through the sky and landed with a splash in the lagoon of the island which sneezed.

Pearl Harbor? Kinda a roundabout way to Singapore, isn't it?

You're just trying to scare us ...


G said...

As I read along and called Tali over and read it aloud, she said "so that makes you an island monster." Can't be choosey with parts.

Hahaha, Terry.

Now I have to catch up on what I've been missing to lead me up to this exciting chapter!

word verification: fyrsomgi: fearsome g
from talimuffin

G said...

I'm with TLP and AP3 - we don't need no stinking flotation devices.

Jamie Dawn said...

I received the Diogenes CD set.

mireille said...

I'm with JD ... thank you, thank you! xoxo

G said...

I'll weigh in as well with JD and Mireille - THANK YOU! It's an excellent product - quite professional looking. I just love that cover. Now I can listen to it on the road.

tsduff said...

Oh BOTHER. Procrastinators always lose. You DID tell us to send our addresses or we wouldn't have a happy Christmas with Diogenes. CAW. Well, better late to dinner than not at all.

TLP said...

I got my and Actonbell's CD's. THANKS!!!!! You're sweet. For a curmudgeon.

Anonymous said...

We were revisiting Diogenes all the way to Honolulu and back. Great stuff! Thanks and Mele Kalikimaka. ;)

the 2 of us

The Old Mule said...

"The monster's head was the shape of a nomad's tent"....

I mean, you just couldn't make up something that good.

Hat's off, Captain Kidd, er, Doug.

Anonymous said...

Ariel has done a fantastic job with the cover, I just loved it and hours could be spent figuring out all the blogger buddies displayed. Thank you for my copy.

parenting,n. a floating device for the breeders amongst us.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, TLP. "Over Christmas" is pretty soon.

Mireille, would you blame him?

Pansi, I got you something nice.

Terry, he's the nice kind.

Sis, we can be a raft.

Jota De, el sobrino y la sobrina viene hoy. Estuy nunca listo.

Quilly, you recognized her?

Merry Christmas to you, Cooper.

Amoeba, is it working?

G, I just thought Tali could probably do contrition.

Jamie Dawn, you're bunches welcome.

Mireille, you're welcome welcome.

You too, G.

Terry, if I get the permission of the artist, I can send you the cover art and you can make your own CD. I know not everyone wants to give out an address.

TLP, I ate a a child between breakfast and lunch.

You're bot welcome OC and Quill. Mele Kalikimaka to you both.

Nope Mule, I saw it with my own eyes. Eye.

Minka you're welcome and I agree about Ariel's work. I say let them drown.

Anonymous said...

i am SO behind in my reading/commenting. suffice to say i shall be spending a good portion of this week trying to catch up.

in lieu of telling you how much i enjoyed this week's "chapter", please allow me to tell you HOW MUCH we loveloveloved our Diogenes CD, and how utterly brilliant we think Ariel is for her cover design! that was One Special Gift, anyway you look at it!

Happy Holidays, Doug -- here's hoping you get exactly what you want, need, and deserve, this year. ; )