Monday, December 31, 2007


ABATTOIR, n. A place where cattle slaughter kine. It is commonly placed at some distance from the haunts of our species, in order that they who devour the flesh nay not be shocked by the sight of blood.

2007 Update: In the United States, an edifice of civilization and wisdom where immigrant labor is valued above native grazers.


Anonymous said...

I'm first? But that's impossible
I really love your definition and can't think of any. the pressure.

Have a wonderful New Year Doug

TLP said...

Somebody wrote a book about it. Abattoir Five or sumtin' like that.

I got nothin'. 'Cept hope your 2008 is wonderful.

Minka said...

abattoir,n. college talk for T-bone steak

I hope you have a wonderful start into the new year of 2008. Thank you for making and keeping Waking Ambrose what it is...a daily journey in our lives.

Unknown said...

Legalized murder dressed in fine French clothing.

Cooper said...

I don't eat meat, and that is all I am going to say on the subject. Your definition is preferable. Love it.

Happy New Year Doug.

Anonymous said...

Abattoir: political arena. or maybe a singles bar. (take your pick -- from where i sit, both seem like venues for a veritable bloodfest)

here's hoping '08 is filled with many reasons to smile, and very few opportunities for bloodletting, Curmudgeon! : )

tsduff said...

ABATTOIR: An occupied chicken coop with a raccoon trapped inside.

Yours is consistently my favorite blog site - thanks for the memories and braintwisting Doug.

mireille said...

Such a beautiful word for such an awful thing. And you just let me know if you want me to send any of those beauty products, honey. xoxo

Anonymous said...

abatoir - The boudoir for members of Abba.

Doug The Una said...

You too, Pia. I look forward to seeing you at Barnes and Noble.

Purty close, blogmama. Happy New Year to you.

Minka, I just put up the posts. best to you in 2008.

CA, I heard a rumor you were back. Still vegetarian, I guess.

Thanks, Cooper. Happy and healthy ought-eight.

Neva, I think both are.

Terry, any time you need a jar opened, let me know. Happy New Year.

Thanks, Actonbell. You too.

Thanks, Mireille. I think I should start with a claw hammer. Maybe in pink?

Haha, Poobah. And oh the stories it could tell if it could get Fernando out of its freaking head.

Lila said...

I always loved Abattoir and Costelloir.

Anonymous said...

ABBATOIR, n. Your favorite school, college, or university. See TICK TACKY.

Every good wish for the New Year, Dawg.

Unknown said...

bloody hell, i beat all you guys into 2008,... so have a great one!

uhqeiy: oh, okay

Anonymous said...

ABBATOIR n. move it closer, and make mine rare, please.

Happy New Year, Dawg! Watch your fur if you're near any firecrackers!

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit Doug! Happy New Year too.

javajazz said...

Bunny Bunny, Beagle...
best wishes
for a happy healthy new year,
and thank you for
brightening up my world.
xo lisa

Anonymous said...

Doug, you might also want to watch your fur around those rabbit, rabbits at TLP's.

Cie Cheesemeister said...

Intense thinking--I am stumped for either a witty or a smart-assy response.

Ariel the Thief said...

"Such a beautiful word for such an awful thing." - Mireille, that was my thought, too!

Abattoir, the way to die on the civilized part of the world.

Rabbit, rabbit, and best wishes for the new year!

dddragon said...

it's rabbit rabbit here. ain't it rabbit rabbit there yet?

Doug The Una said...

Sis, who are on first?

To you, too, friend OC.

How's it look so far, K? Best wishes for yours.

Quilly, it's all about covering them with your paws.

Rabbit Rabbit, TLP. And Happy news to youse toos.

JJ, I'm all about bringing the glow. Best to you this year.

Carnivorous, Quilly?

Well, Cheesie, Happy New Year to you and to your wit tomorrow.

To you too, Ariel. May Hungary win this year's rowing championship.

It was Dddragon. The hare got distracted again.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like something out of gaston's mouth when he saw Mannon dancing with the goats. The pervert.

Doug The Una said...

Great movie, Sauerkraut. Happy New Year.