Tuesday, January 01, 2008


ARREARS, n.  (In deference to the feelings of a large and worthy class of our subscribers and advertisers, the definition of this word is withheld.)

2008 Update:  The setting of the rising sun.

RABBIT RABBIT RABBIT and Happy New Year to you all

Now, in the spirit of surrender to pervasive nostalgia, and in a spirit of egomaniacal generosity inspired by the glory of fewer year-end summaries of the lives of near-strangers, I bring you this eBook/PDF thingamabob containing the fiction and verse from Waking Ambrose so far. You can right-click and download it as a pdf.  I virtually promise no virus.


Ariel the Thief said...

Geez, Doug, your definition is as beautiful as a Jethro Tull song.

Ariel the Thief said...

The eBook is great!

I've just read an old interview with Tom Waits (who got the cab of Pia in New York), he said somehting like Christmas brings something to everyone, but everyone should watch out because Santa is still out somewhere...

Minka said...


No wonder some people never learn to write or speak properly. The first letter in the alphabet already contains too many words that make people uncomfortable.

Happy New Year, Curmudgeon.

A book for free? What is it with you? No...let's not pull at that thread.

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy New Year. You'll be happy to know that actonbell used today's word in the comments on my New Year post.

TLP said...

Rabbit Rabbit! A rear's what you sit on.

Mo'a said...

All ears...oh!!! I read that wrong...It is all behind me now.
The setting of the rising sun???????????
Loved what Minka said: A book for free? What is it with you? No...let's not pull at that thread.

I know what's with you...you are a sweet bunny/Santa disguised as a Curmudgeon...Is is not time to drop the act?
Happy New Year to you Doug and to all your very clever and funny friends...at least I think they are funny and clever...most of the time I don't understand what they are saying...it is all above my head ;)

javajazz said...

Happy new year, kind soul.
what a beautiful gift
(your thingamabob)
even in the spirit
of egomaniacal generosity
it is very generous
and very much appreciated!
thank you
and have a wonderous new year

ps, i showed one of my son's
friends your avatar last eve
and i said,
"isn't he a cute and rather
human looking dog?"
...(to be continued)

Anonymous said...

Arrears: failure to cover one's a$$.

Happy Happy and Rabbit Rabbit, you old Dawg. ; )

The Old Mule said...

conejo, congrejo.

Happy New Year to all! I am out at the farm where I am surveying from my window a massive pile of oyster shells, beer bottles and other follies of ought-seven.

arrears: last night's damage.

Miz BoheMia said...

Feliz año nuevo hermanito... que tengas un año de lo más especial!

mireille said...

You need a publisher. No, really, I mean it. Happy New Year, caustic-Hemingway-of-the-ether. xoxo

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, that's a great point. There are two on my coffee mug.

Ariel, isn't Tom Waits hilarious? A great sense of humor, truly.

That's a great point, Minka. All unclean body parts and forms of debt should start with Z. Maybe we'd be a more literate people.

AP3, I'm delighted. A delightful 2008 to you. You think you and your sister can average a full-time job apiece?

TLP, I thought that was a pickle.

Mo'a we're monkeys with keyboards. Happy near year, dollmaker.

JJ, I'm told I can pass. Happy New year to you.

Rabbit rabbit and happy happy, Neva.

Eres muy listo, burro! Feliz Año Nuevo.

¡Igualmente, hermana de mi alma!

Happy new year, pink-eyed sweet-smelling lady.

Logophile said...

Happy New Year, Doug!
A whole book, for us??
You are too good to us.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Dr. Spooner, you're sure that wasn't the "rising of the setting moon"?

Waving at y'all from the smoke of one helluvan explosive New Year's Eve in the central Pacific. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Arrears... place where sourpuss cats like to keep frisky dogs.


Did someone say rabbit? I need my exercise.

tsduff said...

Rabbit rabbit. Happy New Year to my favorite multi-talented pup. I'm with Mireille - when is your latest work out in hard back?

It's all good.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Doug and rabbit rabbit.

Wow. Free? First a free cd now a free book. Someone has way too much time on his hands.

Anonymous said...

ARREARS n. well, the single article and the plural noun is pretty much correct for me, but how rude of you to mention it.

Tom & Icy said...

sniff sniff

Anonymous said...

Thank you Doug. You are a blog-work-alholic! Mrs. Jim says thanks too, she doesn't blog.

A rears: I think it should 'a rear' or 'some rears' or 'a few rears.'

Arears: No, I don't like that word around me either!

Nessa said...

After all of the holidays' yummy food I have an arrears that I will need to put behind me in the new year.

I wish you a very Happy New Year, Doug.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Doug. I hope 2008 is filled with lots of leash free romps.

Jamie Dawn said...

Happy 2008 to you, Mr. Doug!!!

Arrears: double bohunki

I hope your year is healthy, successful in all ways possible, full of interesting stuff, and utterly non-hitonious.

Doug The Una said...

Logo, I'm a giver.

Amoeba, were you cynical during the fireworks?

Clever, sauerkraut.

Terry, you can print it out and put last week's pancakes on either side if you want.

Jenn, yesterday's workload just wasn't happening. Happy new year to you, trollop.

Quilly, I'm rotten like that.

Icy, grrrr.

Jim, at least it hits a good distance from home.

You too, Nessa.

Thanks, Brian. I don't wear a collar.

Happy 2008 to you, Jamie Dawn. May it be truffle-filled.

Unknown said...

holy cow, holy cow!

Aum, shanti, lots of good Karma, and may all your 7 chakras open up and receive all life's blessings in the New Year, sweet prince

G said...

Rabbit-rabbit-ish and Happy New Year. Was that nice to bring up our rears before we've had a chance to enact our resolutions? What was that? Oh, arrears?

Never mind.

Best in 2008 to you, the pups and fam.

Cooper said...

Arrears: fat lady or gentleman's ass, we all know it, we'll all have a couple of um at some point in time if not already.

Thanks So Much, finally a gift worthy of me.;)

Happy New Year

I'm in arrears here by the way but hopefully 2008 will be better.

hey, why is my word tdpants?

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Rabbit!

Definition of Arrears:
The Cheesemeister has very large arrears.

Anonymous said...

i'm always a day late and a dollar short. If that doesn't make me in arrears :)

Wow fiction and verse thingamabob--wow

I will be in arrears from my little contracting job that is costing me not just big bucks but sanity

Anyway I really wanted to say, as I have wished you happy new year about ten times, that I write a long angst ridden post--I mean I was while writing it

You sum it up in two seconds

I think I'm saying something profound :)

Doug The Una said...

Karma, a toast to the chakras. Have a great one.

Thanks, G. To you also.

Dunno, Cooper. Did you watch the bowl games?

Bless Cheesemeister, Mr. Thumb.

Pia, we know you're profound but do you get it?

Anonymous said...

you know, this book is completely impressive in it's scope and, of course, delivery. why aren't you pursuing an agent or publisher and/or publishing it yourself via lulu.com?

inquiring minds want to know, Curmudgeon...

Doug The Una said...

Neva, I'm sure I don't see why I would. I'm a happy hobbyist.