Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How to lie to an american

If you'd deceive my brother or sister,
I'll tell you how to do it, Mister.
Tell them they deserve whate'er they lack
And the price of all they've spent put back.
That they work too hard for what they make
And deserve every dime they take.
But take care when offering tomorrow
Lest your deceits should come to sorrow.
The change we seek is nothing new,
But yesterday's dream at last come true.

If my advice should seem like treason,
Remember now's election season.
And the enemy who listens clear,
May be our president next year.
For last year's lie is true again,
And just last night won Michigan.

CONDESCENSION, n.  The promise of improvement without change and change without difference.  


Nessa said...

First, I have to say, "I'M FIRST!"

Nessa said...

Sorry for shouting. It doesn't happen often.

Is everyone else sick or out or something?

Condescension: Too good to post a comment; D

Doug, your definition is perfect for our elections. Status quo, baby, with a mask on.

Anonymous said...

condescension - The lifting of one's nose in response to offers of common sense.

Jamie Dawn said...

Condescension: When politicians talk to us as if we have no memory whatsoever.
I'm enjoying watching this whole jockeying for position amongst candidates. I'll probably end up voting for the one who makes the least promises.

G said...


Those who think they speak for me
Often do so condescendingly
But hold your horses Hill and Mitt
I may be dumb, but no nitwit.

A perfect prose to a most fitting definition. "And the band played on..."

Jim said...

Condescension: Just don't patronize me, that's all I ask.

Condescension: And for sure don't show your arrogance while you are doing it!

Condescension: I keep thinking about condensation, I wonder why?

Ariel the Thief said...

Condescension, too little tense in the muscles or too much in the brain.

Jim said...

Your poem was fitting. More even so (last verse) for the Dems' outcoming in Iowa.
I don't get political on blogs, but this is beyond politics.

Minka said...

condescension,n. elevation of self due to an awe-struck mob lifting your wings

Anonymous said...

I like Minka's I would just like to say Ditto!!!

G said...

By the way, I was speaking of your prose not my lame tossoff.

Anonymous said...

Wow Doug--this poem is excellent

There is nothing left to say that might not be taken with some condescension

I love this. I do

In answer to your comment on my new blog where i will be moderating comments once I'm out of flu mode: you funny :)

Anonymous said...

Puppy -- very well said.

I also love my Merriam-Webster definition: a voluntary descent in dignity

I am not going to try to top either of those or anything else already said, especially Doug's poem, or next I'll have to define hubris.

TLP said...

There is nothing new under the sun.

mireille said...

Condescension ... and one wonders just how much pandering the American public is willing to swallow when they're being told what they want to hear. xoxo

Hobbes said...

Someone told me that good LDS men get planets after death. I have this feeling that one day Mitt Romney will turn into a Ken doll and join us on Stuffed Animal Planet.

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, you're always humble enough to deign to comment.

Poobah, I'm not a snob, just short on shelfspace.

Jamie Dawn, that's a great strategy.

I liked that, g.

Jim, water on the pipes?

Ariel, good flexing.

Jim, my policy is it's ok to get political on blogs but not partisan. Get's easier every year.

Minka, are they carrying torches?

Mo'a, way to lift her up.

G, that was no tossoff!

I agree, Actonbell. You're always right.

S'alright, Pia. There are many ways of moderating. Sneezing is one.

Neva, would you have to do a headstand? Someone check with Miz B.

Quilly, Merriam-Webster wins the prize.

Nope, TLP. You've seen this before?

Mireille, apparently a lot. Right now it seems like democratic voters are slurping up that they've been robbed by corporations and republican voters are drinking deep from the well of they're taking our jobs. We seem not to be fed up so far.

Hobbes, he'd better keep his mitts off Pansi is all I'm saying.

Cooper said...

I'm giving you Lou Dobbs job.

You earned it.

Cooper said...

Much easier if you added a digg and various other buttons.

Unknown said...

I cannot possibly top that poem or description. That is right on target!

Anonymous said...

Hobbes--haven't you noticed? Mitt IS a Ken doll! I can spot one a mile away.

Indeterminacy said...

Hey Doug, your definition goes to the root of the word:

a con descending on us all.

Anonymous said...

Amen, brother Doug. One can only hope that Mitt Romney doesn't become president. If he does, though, his handle will be The Great Equivocator.

Anonymous said...

When I was asked if I'd like to become a politician, I answered, "Why Not"? So, I took the exam and afterwards was told that in order to become a really great politico, I'd have to:

1. Be able to lie about anything and everything.
2. Discard my moral values, my decorum and become a religious zealot.
3. Learn double-speak as well as triple.
4. Change my mind every other year, month, week, day, minute, second.
5. Get a lobotomy.

I took a pass.

Doug The Una said...

Cooper, I'll have to learn to talk upside down. How do you add Digg? I'll look into it.

Thanks, Lily.

Brittney, got any dirt on him?

Indie, well done. I missed that.

Amen, Brer Addict.

Morgan, you got good advice and took it wisely. It reminds me of when my brother-in-law thought about becoming a cop but said he flunked the physical, being too light.