Monday, January 28, 2008


RASH, adj. Insensible to the value of our advice.
"Now lay your bet with mine, nor let
These gamblers take your cash."
"Nay, this child makes no bet." "Great snakes!
How can you be so rash?"
—Bootle P. Gish
2008 Update: Sensible to wind and wave, to the exclusion of boulder and battleship.

In the the days of my prime,
Rash, I did wander
With no care for safety or future.
After living some time
I now thoughtfully ponder
The lessons sewn into each suture.
-Manuel Bréch


Mutha said...

I knew a girl named Patty Rash. She changed her name to Skye Williams.

I Dive At Night said...

When I saw I was number 2 I quickly typed this comment without any thought as to what it should say. A bit, rash, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

i SO want to say something about one's reddening a$$, but have convinced myself not to do anything so rash until i've had more A) time to think and/or B) coffee. ; )

Mother Theresa said...

Rash: A reason not to sit down. ;)

tsduff said...

The road can give you
Quite a rash
When on your cheek
You scrape and crash

I did it once
As a young lass
When 'cross the street
I tried to dash

Take advice
Avoid the lash
Just look both ways
And don't be RASH.

Jamie Dawn said...

I leaven eunuchs all the time.
Doesn't everyone?
Okay, I'll admit I made a typo.
It was RASH of me to not proofread my comment.

A RASH often is accompanied by an itch.

I can't think of anything else rash-related, so I won't LEAVEN any more trumpery on the matter.

Anonymous said...

A rash person would've gone to work today without (a) long underwear (b) toque/hat (c) scarf and so on. A smart person stays home sick.

TLP said...

Rash: Apparently it makes you break out in a song:

"Gonna need an ocean
of calomine lotion
You'll be scratching like a hound
The minute you start to mess around
Poison Ivy...."

Jim said...

O Rash, Rash, werefore art thou Rash?
Deny thy father and do something rash;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but brash my love,
And I'll no longer be an Ambrose.
A little OTDE here!

Minka said...

rash: an inflammation of the amygdala, quickly cured by furiously vibrating vocal cords and poison collection at the tip of your tongue.

Mutha said...

I always thought Patty rash would be a great band name or leader of a band name.
i.e. Patty Rash and the Antispasmodics.

Doug The Una said...

Mutha, that was a mistake, I think. Who ever scratches the skye? Or any Williams?

Morgan, this blog is well-padded.

Neva, do you take your coffee with desitin?

Theresa. I never get it on my forehead.

Terry, as always, you give good advice,
"Do as I say, not as I've done twice."

JD, I just never figured you for a fluffer is all.

Jenn, you're brilliant. Brilliant!

TLP, I still like that song. Kids today.

Jim, an Ambrose by any other name...

Minka, I think I lost my amygdala to a fever before the inflammation set in.

Haha, Mutha. No doubt they'd play the Ratskellar.

Unknown said...

after effects of smoking hash

Hobbes said...

A pox on it.

Nessa said...

The poems and jokes have made me all itchy.

Anonymous said...

RASH: impulsive.

RASHER: fried bacon.

RASHEST: the impulse to dine on fried bacon, eggs in butter, hash browns ...


Anonymous said...

... knick knack patty rash give that dog a bone. ...

Anonymous said...

RASH adj. just about every sentence that comes out of my mouth.

Doug The Una said...

Karma, at a bash?

Fie, Hobbes

I don't know why, Nessa. This is all supposed to contain aloe.

Amoeba, if being rashest is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

Haha, Sauerkraut. I approve of updating classics.

Quilly, you might want to take that back.