Tuesday, January 15, 2008


BARK, n. The song of the dog.
"My bark is on the wave," all writers quote.
"Mine too," says the retriever, "is afloat."
2008 Update: The soaring rhetoric of Churchill in the ears of his black dog.


Tom & Icy said...


TLP said...

And here I thought it was wrapped around a tree.

Mutha said...

The punch line to many a good buddhist joke.

Anonymous said...

More often than not my morning wakeup call.

Anonymous said...

in our house... always worse than the bite. that Max... ; )

mireille said...

Poor Churchill. And there was no Zoloft back then. xoxo

Mutha said...

Yes -- but drunk goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

"My bark is on the wave," in my book that would be a canoe.
However, in your case it probably means that you wave your tail while barking.
This is why I love the English language bark on a tree, the bark of a dog...are there more barks I wonder?

Anonymous said...

BARK n. 1.)our 4:30 a.m. tentative wake up call supplied by the neighbor's very young, short, wiggly, and furry roommate; 2.) our actual 4:31 a.m. wake up call supplied by our middle aged, tall, furry, grouchy neighbor who yaps at his dog to be quiet and not wake the neighbors.

Jamie Dawn said...

Bark Baaark Baark BARK Baa-aark Baaa-ark!

Unknown said...

It's the dawg's bark.
When it's dark
And he has no place to park,
He does it for a lark.

astfxlfm: as soon as i fix my radio

The Old Mule said...

bark: the bone below the meat.

Doug The Una said...

Bow wow, Ice

TLP, you're thinking of popcorn.

Mutha, tell us one?

Joel, mine is usually a slashing paw. Good to see you, partner.

Neva, does he sing pretty, though?

Mireille, well done catching the reference.

True, Mutha. So does rich food.

Mo'a, "bark" is also an old word for boat. Barca in Spanish.

Haha, Quilly. It's hard to be well-intended with a rough voice, I find.


Karma, I wept. Bawooooo.

Not in the desert, Actonbell.

Mule, that's a beautiful phrase. I don't get the gag but the quote is memorable.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL @Quilly and Karma!

Bark, the sound makes your lover walk out the window before your husband walks in the door.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Doug...I did not know that.

G said...

Who knew that the bark of one's dog would be akin to the cry of their baby? Only the parent can listen to it for long.

Luckily our little Louie doesn't bark much - except when happy (as in going for a walk) or protecting the homestead. And he sleeps through the night (or I'm too sound a sleeper to hear the jingle jingle of his tags).

G said...

Ariel, I'm cracking up. Is that how you hasten their departure? Not that I need to know for me, mind you.

pnisz - penis size?! Doug what are you advertising on this PG site?

Mutha said...

Okay Doug: Two Lamas walk into a bar .....oh wait that one is dirty...

Anonymous said...

BARK: Roof, roof, roof. OK, I did.

Nessa said...

Bark: v., reference “Mad Dog” Cody when someone tries to leave.

Hobbes said...

The warp and woof of canine existence.

Jamie Dawn said...

I guess you didn't understand the dog language of my comment since it was Dog Russian.

Here's my comment in Dog English:
Woof woo-ooof Woooof Wooo-oof.

And in Dog Spanish:
Woofero woo-ooofiendo
Woooofita Wooo-ooforro.

tsduff said...

Snoopy doesn't really know how to bark does he? I've never heard him bark. He does cut a mean rug though.

Anonymous said...

Bark: what I did to my shins was I cut down that tree.

Or, in the alternative: what the squirrel does when his human has eaten too many beans (hint: see OC's post on flatulence).

ps: if you had a cat, you'd not have to worry about the bark.


TLP said...

Ariel! You are FUNNY! Great reason to keep a dog in the house, right?

I have a friend with a young dog that the friend is trying to teach to ring a bell hung from the doornob instead of barking when the puppy want to go out. The doggie has a perfect built-in alarm system, which the owner doesn't like. *shaking my head*

NOTE TO DOUG'S DOGS: time to wake him up.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, glad it isn't "neigh."

Mo'a, I blog to serve.

G, you got yourself a good dog and a bad mind. Not bad on balance.

Haha, Mutha. One-L lama, I suppose? I guess it's Nash week.

Thanks for that one, Jim. Adi do charm, don't she?

Nessa, Walela says nice bounce, rough grammar,

Hobbes, more the connotation.

Thank you, Jamie Dawn. I was going to have Walela read when I got home. I think she's part Siberian.

Absolutely, Terry and he flies a mean doghouse.

Saurkraut, I can't wait. Bow wow.

TLP, the dog will get your friend trained soon.

Minka said...


*curves back and then looks bored*