Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ringing it in

Twenty-oh-eight might be the year
I get myself fitted for focals
The better to watch you with, my dear,
Because listening's driving me loco.

I suppose it is time a man of my age,
Learned to stop spending and save.
I'll be the master of credit and wage,
And of myself, as servant and slave.

Maybe i'm ready, on this trip round the sun,
That I plan for my workdays and weekends;
Frivolity being just one form of fun,
And discipline a game of pretend.

January's always a good month to inquire,
And contemplate new resolutions.
The eleven to come can bring back the fire
And prevent our jumping to conclusions.

RESOLUTION, n. The certainty bridging folly and doubt.


Minka said...

resolution,n. a human condition from sunset til sunrise

Anonymous said...

wow. that was brilliant.

Resolution: that which brings hindsight into focus.

Anonymous said...

RESOLUTION n. to solve again and again ... and again ... and --

I made a resolution many years ago that I have never broken. I resolved not to make New Year resolutions. I make my resolutions when and where they need to be made and I break them in the same manner. No point waiting until a special time of the year.

Tom & Icy said...

Sooooo, if certainty is the bridge and folly and doubt are the banks, then resolution must be the salmon swimming upstream.

TLP said...

New Year's resolutions imply that one isn't perfect. Never make'm myself.

I wait until January 10th or so, realize that I've reached maximum density, and then resolve to lose weight. And I do. 'Course, I find it later.

tsduff said...

What does age have to do with spending and saving? HA!

Resolution: a purpose in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Resolution: Doug's promise in 2008 to continue to bring us the Highest in Definitions.

Ariel the Thief said...

That poem sounds as severe as a hangover to me. How does a sober man know about it??

Resolution, nobody is what he is but what he can be. :-P

Anonymous said...

re.solution - The act of solving the same problem over and over.

Anonymous said...

Resolutions are promises easily broken without much guilt but at great wallet sacrifices.

Hope I keep the one of cleaning my condo. You know it's bad when that's your only resolution.

Nessa said...

Resolution: see the movie "National Treasure 1" for The Declaration of Independence.

I intend to be resolution free
in 2008
"Free to be me"
I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful
Resolution: brevity--ha!

I have to say again that Doug's comment on my Fogelberg post was perfect

I will say this every day this week--that's a resolution I can actually live up to

Anonymous said...

I resolved to move...and today I did. So that's done.
As far as making any more resolutions...I just hit re-play and they all came up again...unresolved *sigh*

javajazz said...

see, i knew it was
only a matter of time
until you started
making comments
about you suddenly
being so "old"...
i didnt bat an eyelash
until i turned 50.
then i completely lost it...
oh, and i dont bother
with resolutions...
i'm too old for that.

Jamie Dawn said...

You must have resolved to continue to write terrific poems in 2008 because that one was a goody.

Resolution: an end or a beginning

TLP said...

I resolve not to check back here again today just to see if you've read the comments. Hrmpf.

Doug The Una said...

The opposite of a commandment, Minka?

Right, Neva. And planning to the hind sight.

Quilly, your rigidity and strength are frightening.

Brown trout floating down, Icy.

TLP, you have some eating to do I expect. What's that place next to the waffle house?

Nothing I can tell, Terry. Not by my balance, anyway.

Al, thou hast said it.

Ariel, we are sober because the hangover comes without revelry.

Poobah, you and Quilly came to the same conclusion.

Jenn, that sounds like Jenny Craig to me. Good luck with the condo. We're all pulling for you.

Nessa, say hi to Marlo Thomas, too.

Pia, that was concise!

Mo'a the important goals are eternal.

JJ, I've been looking forward to being one of the old men in the balcony on the muppet show my whole life and tomorrow isn't promised, although baldness almost is.

Me too, A-bell :)

Thank you Jamie Dawn. I like your definition.

Oh, c'mon TLP. One more visit so I feel considered.

tsduff said...

GUFFAW - Doug, my Bear and I just had a conversation siting those very old men in the balcony on the Muppets... we were referring to the Safeway employees sitting on the bench outside the store, judging and critiquing everyone who went by with their sacks full of groceries... Somehoe I can picture you extremely well in that capacity. huh huh huh... Do you love Sam The Eagle too?

javajazz said...

well, then, congratulations!
if you can make it up the stairs
the balcony awaits you...!

see? who says
being an Elder
is no fun!

(Terry, i could dig socializing
with those curmudgeons
at Safeway...)

Anonymous said...

I was thinking more about my membership at Curves, Doug. I did receive a coupon for Jenny Craig today. I feel special.

Jim said...

A very nice poem, Doug. Thank you. I think your poem would fit Mrs. Jim for her birthday. My poem for her was corny.
Resolution: I did it a long time ago. There might be one left over for me this year.

I Dive At Night said...

Resolution: (1) Before Christmas, 'resolution' refers to an aspect of the new TV you're trying to buy. The goal is to maximize the width. (2) After Christmas 'resolution' refers to more personal aspects. The goal is usually to minimize your width.

I Dive At Night said...

Oh, and Happy New Year Doug! Great prose as always.

Anonymous said...

right you are, Doug. kind of like "paying it forward", but with one eye in...wait for it... arrears.

sorry, just seemed like the right bad pun to make.

oh, and in case anyone asks... i'm first. (despite the fact that your newest post is yet to be published.) ; )

Doug The Una said...

Terry, I do, but my aspiration to the two old men goes back to my seventh year possibly.

Thanks, JJ. I can still climb stairs. How many stairs?

Oh, good, Jenn. I was afraid it wouldn't get there.

Jim, sometimes it's a matter of perspective, sometimes digestion.

Happy new year, Morgan. All the best.

Neva, ba dum-bum!

javajazz said...

i dont know, Puppy...
i'm not old enough
to have climbed to
the Muppet Mezzanine

Anonymous said...

Optically speaking, resolution may be improved by "focals."
Happy New Year.

Doug The Una said...

JJ, you still belong on stage.

Weirsdo, a new monitor, too. Same to you.

javajazz said...

perhaps just as stage mother...
even when i perform i so dislike
being onstage, or being looked at...
its kind of one of my many neuroses...