Tuesday, December 11, 2007


HUNGER, n.  A peculiar disease afflicting all classes of mankind and commonly treated by dieting.  It is observed that those who live in fine houses have it the lightest.  This information in useful to chronic sufferers.

2007 Update:  Any appetite in its keen or acute state, which is to say, any appetite every other moment.  The father of all the muses.


Nessa said...

Me first. Yipee!

Nessa said...

"The father of all the muses." So, true. And the Mother, too.

Jamie Dawn said...

Tengo hambre.
Tengo mucha hambre.

TLP said...

Hunger: I can't joke about it. I'm a Food Pantry volunteer.

EVERYBODY- donate to your local Food Pantry or Food Bank TODAY!!!! Do it weekly!

I hunger for the day I don't have to nag people about that, but doubt I'll live to see the day. I probably won't die of hunger though. But, hey, fat can kill too.

Unknown said...

i'm pining for a huge slice of gooey dark chocolate cake topped with chocolate ice cream, nougat, maraschino cherries, and a dash of Amaretto *ouch!*

dumac: do the raincoat

Indeterminacy said...

Food for thought, this post.

Anonymous said...

Hunger: The only sound made by the human body from below the neck that others cannot hear but ironically is the loudest

Minka said...

hunger,n. a chimney that does not smoke, a kitchen without smell and a heart beating without a cause.

OC or Q said...

I met real hunger when I'd been three days without food and still had no idea where my next meal was coming from. I was 22 years old, it was winter, and I lived in Missoula, MT in a jumble of ripped tent, tarp shreds and twine.

The memory of that six months without food, adequate shelter or heat is what drove me to college and helped me survive 5 years on a bare bones budget.
It has also motivated by spending and job choices every since.

HUNGER n. 1.) a wild beast who will devour it's own flesh; 2.) a great motivator


Anonymous said...

TLP and OC or Q are right: nothing to joke about, unless it's applied to other appetites. . . .

Anonymous said...

Lessee. 6.6 billion * 0.33 = ... Meanwhile, in America ...

Motivation only works where there are resources. And a population with the knowledge and will to stay within them. See Rabbit, rabbit.

Doug The Una said...

Nessa, it's funny how inbred inspiration is, isn't it?

¡Comiste, Jaime Mañana! Muchos chocolates!

Ah ha, TLP, a piety for atheists.
Some may starve and others want,
Old folks and children growing gaunt,
Compassion calls on me to pine
For kindness with my food and wine.

Karma, was this public safety announcement sponsored by Desi Chocoholics Anonymous?

Head cheese, more or less, Indie?

Ah ha, Karishma. A plea for help rather than a cry of satisfaction, I guess. Satisfaction, being heard universally with annoyance.

Minka, a scold without subjects?

You are quick, Quilly. I had to go through it a few times.

Weirsdo, the suffering of the poor is every bit as funny as the pleasures of the rich, just less notable. Besides, no rich man has ever tried to get me to dance with his underage sister.

Amoeba, righteous indignity is a resource available everywhere in surplus. It's just a matter of willpower.

Jim said...

Hunger: Not just for food either!
"... I hunger for your love, .." [song]

Anonymous said...

Gods Love, We deliver just celebrated its 20something anniversary. It was founded downstairs from Lucia's apartment, so we volunteered. People hungered not to stare AIDS in its face

Since we're all causes here--I will go on--Mitt Romney should be shamed for saying that in 92 not much was known about the causes of AIDS

I can not laugh about something that cost me 2/3's of my friends, dimmed this city and made me begin to hunger for other places

Mutha said...

And so who parents Hunger? Desire and Need? I think Desire is the mom and Need is the dad.

tsduff said...

Genesis 49:27
"Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall divide the spoil."

Our word ravenous comes from the word "raven". To "raven" was to hunger for more.

Why am I always so hungry?

Doug The Una said...

Jim, I don't recognize that song. Can you sing a few more bars?

Pia, we're aren't all causes here today, but that sounds like a good one.

Mutha, I suspect Hunger is the child of Gaea and Thanatos.

I have no idea, crow.

Anonymous said...

Hunger: a motivating force for breaking the law and/or one's diet.

i was first. no... really. ; )

The Old Mule said...

hunger: the color orange.

(okay, some explanation...the fast food joints all did this huge study in the seventies and determined that orange was the "hungriest" color). I think that was debunked by the flat earth society, or some other splinter group.

G said...

Hunger...boredom in sheeps' clothing for most of us. But the well placed reminder from TLP is very much appreciated.

Tom & Icy said...

Reason to stay in the yard

Doug The Una said...

You can taste it, can't you, Neva?

Mule, that certainly did need explanation and thank you. This explains why the honest prefer cheese to vegetables.

Thank you, Actonbell. How add that when the word is "hunger" I seem to need the most remedial assistance.

Boredom in sheep's clothes or excitement in a wolf's, G.

Icy, your meat's probably tough by now.

Mutha said...

I had Gaea and Thanatos once -- but a round of antibiotics cleared it right up.

Ariel the Thief said...

"The father of all the muses." Truer words have never been spoken.

So many great comments!

Doug The Una said...

Mutha, they'll be back if you don't mend your ways.

Good day, huh, Ariel?