Thursday, December 20, 2007


RECOLLECT, v. To recall with additions something not previously known.

2007 Update:  To re-harvest a field, hoping for a taller crop.


Jamie Dawn said...


Jamie Dawn said...

I have a few uncles who are masters at "recalling with additions."

Mutha said...

Recollect: To dig out the rosey glasses proving much can mellow -- or, in the case of what does not mellow but become more ripe (as in cheeses and gym socks) to highten contrast, conflict,and the length of everyone's nose but yours

Anonymous said...

re-collect, last years un-used Christmas gifts nicely re-wrapped and payed forward

Anonymous said...

I recollect you were supposed to add to this post. Am reminding your aging mind which recollects not much apparently.

Anonymous said...

RECOLLECT to recite one's autobiography aloud, enabling one to edit it as necessary for each retelling.


Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, your definition is brilliant today!

Anonymous said...

I would be loath to recollect all the awards due me. Just call me King and we'll be square.

Tom & Icy said...

When you say that word out loud over and over again it sounds like the bag lady pushing her shopping cart full of aluminum cans down the alley.

Anonymous said...

RECOLLECT, n. The second passing of the plate at the church service, hoping for a taller pile.

TLP said...

I recollect when men wore less rouge than you are wearing in the photo below.

That was good Anonamoeba!

mireille said...

This dovetails right into the concept that the chaste are lousy farmers. You see my logic. And even if you don't. xoxo

Indeterminacy said...

Recollect: a form of Indian giving. Taking back a present that you regifted.

Cooper said...

I'm fairly sure
I recollect
A hot dark night
dripping perfect

And thinking back
I do recall
I was the most intelligent woman
at that ball


I'm not you, but who is?

Peace, and some kind of Jack nipping at your nose.

tsduff said...

I RECOLLECT leaving a comment here much earlier this afternoon, but now it is gone.

LOL good one TLP.

I am usually wont to recollect.

Doug The Una said...

Primera, JD! My niece and nephews have some pretty sketchy tios, too.

Mutha, that was well done! I'll remember it as brilliant.

Oh, that reminds me, Minka. Do you have a favorite buyer?

You are right, Jenn. OK, today's then.

Quilly, and it gets you the same audience as a published uneditable version. I don't know why anyone bothers.

Ariel, thanks. That''s how I remember it, too.

Brian, if I call you square can I be King?

Icy, that was an observation.

Or a taller usher, OC?

TLP, elves are a little, you know, elfish.

Mireille, I actually do see your point. Great cowboys, though. Unless you ask them.

Indie, present days are for regifting.

Thanks, Cooper. Jack Warmth.

Terry you left one on the previous day's post. I am usually wanting for memory. Good team.