Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Fable (for children)

Once upon a time in Alaska, a troll met three gruff billy goats, crossing a bridge. The first two billy goats tricked him into waiting on the third who was large and feisty. Just when the troll was about to set on this last billy goat, the last billy goat set on him and poked out his eyes and crushed his spine and burst his ear drums and ate his heart. Finally, the billy goat tossed the troll over the side into the deep, dark chasm below. As the troll fell he yelled "I need a new bridge..." and the billy goat, who was on his way to Washington to make himself fat, called after him "Then run for the Senate, Mr. Stevens!"

Moral:  It is a lonesome bridge that crosses no line.

INFRASTRUCTURE, n.  The network of public goods serving private interests at the behest of secret associations.  A structure the edifice of which fills the horizon and the purpose for which fits in a desk drawer.


mireille said...

Ahhh, you must mean the bridges to nowhere ... except an extensive chalet remodel. xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

Our family has mocked Ted Stevens for a LONG time now because of what he said about the internet.
He does not understand the infrastructure of the internet and its complicated series of tubes and stuff.

Ted Stevens Explains the Internet

Anonymous said...

I see the Dawg has been following the news.

On the other hand, Stevens has been a strong voice supporting public funding for the ocean sciences, which have been struggling mightily despite this support.

So if you have to be corrupt to be powerful, and We the People will only respond to powerful figures, what does that say about us.

Yes, yes, I know, I know, you've heard it before. Keep your mirror anyway.

TLP said...

Infrastructure: an over-built word. Way too many letters.

Anonymous said...

infrastructure: A steaming pile of rubble.

Nessa said...

Doug, you are a rock.

In Fra Structure, we found the support we needed to bridge the gap to the afterlife.

Doug The Una said...

Mireille, if I were a troll I'd definitely favor the bridge to nowhere over the chalet. Wait, did I say "If?"

He's funny, isn't he JD? I hope Democrats have as much fun mocking their electeds.

Amoeba, I always have my mirror and know just how to avoid its smug contempt.

TLP, especially when they get caught in the tires.

Poobah, it feels that way except when I'm passing.

Quaking, Nessa. Hare In Fra.

Jim said...

Infrastructure: The infrasturcture in those images like you just saw is such that I will call the Pope first. I'd rather charge admission to see it, then sell it on eBay when it becomes more famous.

Infrastructure: Stevens is OK, JD asside, because they really need that bridge for expansion when the highway comes to Juno.

Hobbes said...

Was the billy goat surprised when he ended up nowhere?

Anonymous said...

nessa is funny but it's not her fault I read that as In Bra Structure... cross my heart and hope to die.

feel not pity for old man stevens,
50 years of service and lots of theiven
got him nowhere.

guess we know he's dyslexic, thinking public service is really getting serviced by the public.

Anonymous said...

The comments confused me until I realized you weren't talking about women's under garments.

Ariel the Thief said...

I understood every word till the end of the fourth sentence. Good fable! Good lesson, too.

tsduff said...

That is no fable for children. Much to much violence. Brilliant retelling of my favorite story though.

Oh, were you talking about politics, corruption and greed? The infastructure of our political arena is cracked.

Cooper said...

I'm such a child.

Loved the fable.