Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Open letter to the cowards, idiots and reprobates in the U.S. Congress

Honorable madames and dearest sirs;
Something in e'ry loyal heart stirs
At the thought that you will soon pass a new FISA,
Thinking none of us will be the wiser.
For freedom's sake, challenge liberty
Assuming that no one can see,
And set aside the only courts
That judge a scoundrel's last resorts.

The assumptions under which we labor,
That domestic spying is best left to our neighbor,
That privacy's too precious to be bought
Surely needed a second thought.
And so you took initiative,
Little enough to offer but much to give,
And provided us with your new thinking,
Muddled some, I reckon, by your drinking.

Enlightened now, I find the need,
For sympathy with your misdeed,
For I, myself, wish I could wiretap
The minds behind your flapping traps.
Let the government now listen in
To the words we speak within the din.
But, of what you hear, take care what's true
Because some of us have learned from you.

WOLFPACK, n. Change we can believe in.

Thanks, Cooper for the inspiration.


Anonymous said...


That Cooper. I'm still voting for Winslow.

Soylent Green is people! So's the Congress. It's not like they put themselves there ...

Anonymous said...


Are you howling at the moon?

If you can see it through the smoke.

Anonymous said...

When I think wolfpack, I see red. NC State red.

But your definition makes me think of braindead pigpiling. As in, the reprobates all pile on without really considering the real effects of certain provisions of FISA upon what is supposedly a free people.

A pox upon their House!

Ariel the Thief said...

All this politics are very interesting.

Anonymous said...

DAMN DAMN---two thoughts sucked into the bowels of blogger this morning---so as i was saying...the man(or was that nation)who trades his FREEDOM for security,does not deserve nor will,they ever receive it....ben franklin(guess i do remember something from school)..or as i say--locks are for keeping honest people you say this is the age of Aries...Yes,supervillians,minuteman missles..and the always faithful domestic sheep(yes i did cheat with a google search of aries--still working on shune) as they say in Wash D.C.--Earth First,we can mine and loot the rest of the universe later---got to go...a couple of men at front door with bright shiny black shoes and legal sized papers, at door--DAMN they(NSA)waste no time suppressing Free Speech....May the power of love,overcome the power of money!!!!!PEACE ....oh yeah,,wolfpack,think that is a fascist term...........

Anonymous said...

I was going to say "great minds--you and Cooper"

Doug I have known you for going on four years and you never fail to amaze and outdo yourself

Anonymous said...

I promise myself, whenever I am doing work at home, I will stay off the internet until evening. I can read my reader though. I did, and I couldn't help but break my own rule and come by to say BRAVO.

Dr.John said...

I take it you don't want the government listening in to your telephone calls.
But if you think you can move congress just remember the words of the old song.
Should I write a letter to my congressman?
"Every congressman has to ends.
A sittin and a thinlkin end"
Since his whole success depends on his seat.
Don't bother friend.

Cooper said...

You also need some kind of "share this" button.

mireille said...

Is wolfpack different from wolfPAC? And, by now, I'm numb to their machinations. I sit and watch and wait ... for the change we can believe in. I think you've changed yea these past eight years. Maybe others can too. xoxo

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of change,some folks in the san francisco area want to rename the local sewage treatment plant after,you guessed it G W Bush , why you ask , because he has given so much s^%t to the world community....more fitting then a library .can think of others to include also---want to start a movement...........Peace,hope that made you smile...(hello NSA)

TLP said...

And yet you called them, "Honorable."

Good job again. Depressing, but that's because that's what it is.

Anonymous said...

A little late, after class, I say "Pia, you are right." Nicely done [both] junge'n

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, I didn't put them there, either. Your point is well-taken but the one way they represent me successfully is in their unrepentence.

Jenn, sometimes I just howl.

Sauerkraut, I second the motion to bring plague to the capitol. Hear, hear!

Ariel, I have no doubt.

Dude, minuteman missiles are so 1980s. Sarcasm is the Strategic Defense Initiative of the Aughts.

Pia, nothing is easier than outdoing myself.

Thanks, Cooper. Glad you dropped in early.

Welcome, Dr. John. I'm fine with them listening to my phone calls, just so long as they swear out a bill of particulars to an independent court as the constitution will still require after the president signs this bill. I am not fine with the legislature involving itself in the enforcement of private contracts between telecom companies and their customers. I see your point, though, and I do think of their sitting ends whenever I vote.

Coop, I haven't even checked my blogroll in a year. The odds of my adding something new to the template in the near future aren't fantastic.

Mireille, I was thinking of the more fatal form of Wolfpack. I'll believe in change when pols who vote against the constitution and the people don't get elected to higher office. Also, people who don't show up for the vote.

Anonymous, I can think of no better tribute than a San Francisco sewer. Who did they name the town crackery after?

TLP, I'm a big old softie, aren't I?

Danke, pops.

Nomarless said...

Amen, brother.

Doug The Una said...

Welcome, Jay.