Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Eighteenth Canto

This week's reading is by my sister, Jenna, who's visiting this weekend.  Thanks, 'Na.  To hear the story click on the dying gaul.

To read the story click on the medicine bundle.


TLP said...

"The Don was kind with his pay but tight with his wording." Huh. Never had a boss like that.

Nice reading Jenna. You don't sound like your brothers at all.

Cooper said...

iLike this one

"Close enough to the bandit to get drunk on his breath " - I hate when that happens.

"Out in the desert, Coyote fretted
That the evil he’d planted might not bear leaf" - I often fret about this as well, love this line.

Damn crows and their predictions.

happy weekend

mireille said...

The Plot Thickens. It's difficult when you identify with the bad guy (or coyote). Also, that smudge stick -- did it have sage in it, Sage? xoxo

Anonymous said...

could use a good smudge myself.....Homework,complete..fine job :-)

tsduff said...

On a Bike Blessing high atop Mt. Diablo my bike was blessed by a medicine man holding a smoking sage bundle... The blessing was true.

Thank you Jenna for bringing Doug's cliff hanger to all of us. TLP is right; your voice isn't gravelly at all. Nice midwest accent though.

Doug The Una said...

Nope, TLP. Jenna's voice is lower.

Kind of Donny and Marie without all the optimism, huh, Actonbell?

Cooper, I have every faith in your garden.

Mireille, what would a smudge stick be without sage?

Bear, has it been weeks?

Terry, its funny you say that. Jenna was about 7 when we moved to California and she's lived on the West Coast ever since. I guess midwesternness is as hard to extract as they say.

Jamie Dawn said...

Sponging his husk???!!!
I just couldn't get past that part.

Jenna did a good job on the reading.
I hope you've enjoyed a nice visit with your sis.

Doug The Una said...

JD, the husk being the whole body. Sorry to have alarmed and thanks. We're having a lot of fun. Even the dogs started enjoying the visit now that Willie doesn't have to dodge any more roundhouse kicks from a 3 1/2 year old.

Ariel the Thief said...

LOL JD! I've never noticed.

G said...

I know you said somewhere that your Chronicles are beginning to feel like homework, so I give you an A. Your sister gets an A+.

Unknown said...

Cool poem! I grew up in New Mexico so this conjures up the atmosphere of home.
Coyote is also featured in my second book. Due to be out in 2010. Buy it or Coyote will come play tricks on you!

Minka said...

Yep, the Pascover line sure has talent and thank goodness: a female voice! Midwestern or not, this was great reading.

This particular episode has some very memorable lines...some outright cheeky!
Good job!