Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Cold War

When my generation first got whupped
Our parents thought war would erupt
Between the capitalist West
And socialists from Budapest.

We're whupped again, sure and true,
And I can tell you how I knew:
Grampa's voice back in my head
And reds once more beneath the bed.

The coldest war, it seems to me,
Is that we wage on history.

TRANSFORMATION, n. Camouflage, the wage of patience.


Anonymous said...

Again I dont want to comment I am first, but I will admit this time I cheated!

Anonymous said...

Now that we have that out of the way...

transformation- Conception.. from boyhood to manhood, the journey of that miraculous sperm..

P.S Doug helped me cheat BTW

TLP said...

That Doug.

Good poem anyway.

Transformation: Long word for change.

Anonymous said...

Doug like your thinks you are beating around the BUSHes.

I also like your definition of the Viking work I need to find someone who makes Jolasveinar and work a "transformation" on them and call them my own. Do you think that is possible? Or even ethical?

Jim said...

Transformation: I'd like one of those transformation toys without having to spend the money for it.

Transformation: My MIL destested the Reds till the day she died. To her the worst offender was Red (I can't remember his last name, he was from New York).

Transformation: Everyone from New York was not trustworthy according to this little old Louisiana lady (my deceased MIL still).

Ariel the Thief said...

The wage of impatience, I'd say. But no transformation may be protection against the socialists of Budapest...

Funny poem!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'd like to see some transformation back to the rugged individualism that made our country great.

Anonymous said...

Transformation...conversion from the great myths of a Free Market(with its milk supports to dancing raisins,to the FHA,and its backing of home loans for years and years,local business grants of taxpayers monies to secure "free market" business in their communities)...No the Free Market was just a great lie told over and over again,that even holders of a MBA,believed the lie...The reality was, taking(talk about class war-fare) from the many and giving to the few(giving the many credit to continue economic slavery)How nice it would be to receive a living wage,based on a HONEST days' work for a HONEST wage!!! ......Peace Always

Anonymous said...

As for the Viking nation,and work ethic...the many work hard and play hard,,while the few simply play the market and its no rules game,,again taking from the many ,giving to the few!!!Now the house of glass cards has fallen,so the many suffer...Now the creators(USA/British Bankers) of the, no rules market game,refuse to help the many,with hopes of getting the remaining Monopoly Cards,from the few..(more important then global security)...But the many will accept "help" from the russians,who can see bombers at the old NATO base(abandoned by GWBUSH)..sub bases in long the Arctic Wars warm up...As it is said,Better Red then Dead....Peace,and a toast to the Honest wage earners........................

tsduff said...

Transformation: Like the inevitable cycle of the caterpillar and the butterfly, so is the eternal whirl of man's machinery of struggles to exert power over all other countries and emerge changed into the shining, undisputed winner.

Anonymous said...

is it me or does the cat have the tongues of other commentators?????

Anonymous said...

TRANSFORMATION, n. The long and winding road to the old Same place.

be quiet little hungary
and do as you are bid
a good kind bear is angary
we fear for the quo pro quid

Georgia ... Georgia ...

Anonymous said...

History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.

Doug The Una said...

Amhsirak, nothing captures the sense of transformation like the betrayal of a former friend.

TLP, or a short word for novomorphication.

Mo'a, I don't see where ethics come into it.

Me, either, Jim. Unless you mean Pete Rose.

Ariel, not even turning into a bat?

JD, I think that would have to be a personal choice.

What do you think, Bear? New Cod War? Falkland North?

Which came first, Terry? The crow or the egg?

Bear, it's getting quiet around here, true.

Nice find, Amoeba! I wonder if Ariel knew e.e. came to town. Good gag, too.

Mr. Joyce, try Wales.

Anonymous said...

Doug, I wish I could say that the gag was original. But I can't.

Anonymous said...

Indeed time changes everything, as does gene alteration therapy.