Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Financial Page

A Minotaur, in his cave,
Can look dignified and grave
While chewing on a hero's bone
Who fought furiously and alone.

And so it is when moon is right
On foggy moors in dark of night
That werewolves can seem civilized
Dining on detectives' eyes.

What greater poet has this world,
To corrupt the sweetest girl,
Than the gay and furry satyr
As the autumn grows ever later?

It seems the day has come around,
Arriving here on common ground,
That man himself seems incomplete
Unless a beast up to his seat.

RESERVE, n.  A bank's treasury of panic.


TLP said...

Something I often do with chocolate. Reserve it for myself. I have to like you a whole bunch to share my chocolate with you.

Extra good, but sad, poem today. Your cynicism is ripening nicely. You're about ready to pick, bottle and preserve.

Cynic preserves reserved for special taste buds. (Sorry the word verifier made me do it.)

Anonymous said...

Reserve: An optimists' way of being a pessimist..

Minka said...

reserve,n. guarded dynamite

Mutha said...

I reserve the right to stay calm about all of this...

Anonymous said...

RESERVE, n. A quality of humanity lacking from pure democracies and other forms of mob rule, Mr. Jefferson. And from those who take advantage of same, Adolph. What was that, Mr. Zhirinovsky? Mr. Ahmadinejad?

Jim said...

Reserve: I was on active duty for five years and in the unactive reserve for another (one) year.

Sophistry: Sounds like it should be stood up beside the vestry.

Financial Pages: I do like yours even if it does sound more like a romance from an old Saturday Evening Post than the one in my Houston Chronicle today.

Tom & Icy said...

And in what key do we sing this?

Anonymous said...

reserve...a common "branding" word to indicate something special,when in fact the RESERVE is mass produced as its common cousin.As in U.S. Treasury printing press.......Question Authority

Anonymous said...

Oh Dawg, you are such a romantic. ;)

reserved: What we dig into for a save before the bell.... damn it just isn't working tonight.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Actonbell. It's nice to see you and you can reserve your thoughts for your blog, if you like.

TLP, the day of the pickle is here.

True, amhsirak. And the loner's way of sociability.

Minka, you wouldn't want people giving dynamite to every stranger, would you?

Mutha, it's almost a duty.

Amoeba, I think you just put your finger on what I like least about Democracy. Just because you are entitled to your own opinion doesn't mean I'm interested in it. (That's the general "you" by the way.)

Jim, the newspapers are sounding more and more prophetic these days so I think the rhymes should be more newsy. By newsy, I mean romantic. Thanks for your service, by the way.

Woof minor, Icy.

Bear, that's what we do here daily, along with questioning the common and the good.

Not much is working, Cooper, you're right. That's why I'm dancing with streetlights under the moonlight. Metaphorically, of course.

Ariel the Thief said...

As a symbol of a curmudgeon looking for mud in the gold, Doug?

tsduff said...

Reserve: Save back for a rainy day. My reserve is about to vanish.