Wednesday, October 01, 2008


If I lack awhile my share of contempt,
Sarcasm and dismission.
If my wit is gone, my scorn exempt
And my rancor has gone fishin',

Misanthropy fails like a friend,
And even brass may rust,
Jaundice pales in the end,
You understand, I trust.

My friends, I come to beg your grace
And lend me one more day off,
For the White Sox finally won the race
And now begin the playoffs.

And to my friends in Minnesote,
The top of our great nation,
I offer warmth, my bread and coat,
And my silo full of justification.

SWEETNESS, n.  Bitterness.

And rabbit rabbit!

And Eid mubarak, as appropriate.


Ariel the Thief said...

Wow Doug! I say amen. Enjoy your holiday. :-)

Rabbit rabbit!

Anonymous said...

Rabbit Rabbit...

That was really wonderful, I enjoyed it whilst eating ice cream..

Oh well before Raksha Bandhan, we got to celebrate Diwali remember?

Lila said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Anonymous said...

Lovely job today.

Holiday, n. What Congress takes while in session. (Out of session, they are hard at work campaigning.)

TLP said...

It is hard to trust sweetness, isn't it?

Wonderful poem today. Winning is pretty wonderful.

Rabbit rabbit. Good luck in the playoffs!

Anonymous said...

If you take some time to spend in Cooper's red pumps, then you will find your Sox are the correct color.

Anonymous said...

but for now, the Yankees get a much-deserved holiday.

Anonymous said...

sweetness - That feeling of karmic goodness one gets after the bitterness of a situation has lifted.

Jamie Dawn said...

Rabbit, rabbit!!!

Sweetness: sugar glazed

This "rescue" bill is being sugar glazed, and I don't like it.

Tom & Icy said...

Are you really making up all these poems yourself? And you sing! How sweet it is!!! When's the record coming out?

Doug The Una said...

Oh, I am, Ariel. Rabbit rabbit.

Amhsirak, I wrote it whilst eating sloppy joes for breakfast. Rabbit rabbit. You'll give me two weeks notice for Diwali?

Rabbit rabbit, sis.

Ain't that the truth, Weirsdo? It's been just a little bit of schadenfreude fun watching them all scramble to look busy this week.

Thanks, TLP. If the Dodgers and the Red Sox make the series, I hope someone looks after AP3.

Sauerkraut, I'm going to trust you on that.

Anonymous, I wish them many more well-deserved long winters.

Poobah, it's like old compost, isn't it?

JD, they need to figure out how to truffle it.

Icy, I was hoping it would be the soundtrack to your movie.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen Diesel around here in a dog's age. So (heh, heh) I'll steal (and tweak slightly) one of his taglines.

Won't someone please think of the Cubbies?

Kitty? You sending Cooper the cap?

Minka said...

you are going to burn in poetry hell for rhyming dismission with fishin'. Think of it as your second holiday...minus the return ticket!

Minka said...

buggeritall: Kanina, kanina!

Jim said...

Sweetness: when filled with bitterness would that be called bittersweet?

Sweetness: is taking the bitter with the sweet.

Sweetness: Rabbit Rabbit, I guess.

Anonymous said...

I actually thought it was just more than obvious holiday-making, akin to Nero's fiddling, but with more discord.

Anonymous said...

That should have been "more than USUALLY obvious."

javajazz said...

tibbar, tibbar, doggums.
me forgot.
which isnt unusual...

Anonymous said...

That's baseball right?
Loved the poem, poetry hell is not such a bad place.

Eid mubarak just reminds me Obama may be a Muslim. ;)

Slather yourself is sports slime, and enjoy.

Doug The Una said...

Anonymous, done.

Gosh, Minka. With all the brimstone I thought I was in Iceland.

I guess so, Jim. Good luck in October.

Yeah, I think I'd have liked to have heard Nero's fiddling.

Ha, Actonbell. Thanks.

Good luck in October, JJ. Thank you.

Cooper, I keep forgetting Obama's a Muslim. He looks Baha'i.