Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hope, Change, Maverick and Malarkey

Election day draws nigh, my friends,
To elevate new wrongs.
Penance for continued sin
Is the class in which the vote belongs.

The promises are on the table,
The differences made clear.
Indignities are set in place
For the grandeur growing near.

Put up your gifts of gold and stone,
Your myrrh and frankincense
Feed your camel, trim your beard
And be thou not so tense.

For judgement comes upon us all
In God's good time, I trust,
But if your name's not on the ballot
There's some time yet for sloth and lust.

So do your duty, Tuesday,
Oh, America, but note:
A fool trusts the nominee
While magi trust the vote.

MESSIAH, n. The one awaited tomorrow.


Jamie Dawn said...

The McPalin ticket is getting my vote!!!!!

I wish every eligible person would exercise their right to vote. It doesn't matter if they agree with me or not, I value each citizen's vote.

I KNOW you will cast your vote, Doug, and probably already have.
Good poem.


Anonymous said...

Those who claim to be mavericky are full of malarky and make me hope for change come next tuesday.

Obama supporter here because I just cannot support a campaign that is based on lies, fears and smears.

wv = ackly

Anonymous said...

Amoebae are ineligible to vote. This one's already on record in favor of returning to a British Empire with absolute monarchical rule, in preference to the pandering disinformation emanating from both American political parties and their candidates, and Our uncritical acceptance of that disinformation.

Since the suffix "iah" is derived from the Hebrew "Yahweh":

MESSIAH, n. The state of cleanliness of God (if it exists), God's messengers, and God's actions.

Cosby (as Noah): You're supposed to know all and see all, like I said before, but you've never looked at the bottom of that ark. Have you looked down there? No! Who's going to clean up that mess down there?!?

blessn - I can't believe this ...

Al said...

Lately, Doug, I've been coming here to get away from presidential politics.

[Sigh] Guess it's back to Lifetime Television for Women.

Escape: Suddenly, elsewhere.

TLP said...

Messiah: greasy-headed

Hobbes said...

Messiah: The second (and worse) coming of Mess.

Cooper said...

The only Maverick I know flew a plane in "Top Gun", a movie I had to watch innumerable times when young because my brother kept playing it over and over and over again. He was a pretty dangerous character (Maverick, not my brother),likely to go off at any moment.

Don't believe in Messiahs, past present or future

But like the old guy who lived next to us in Vermont would probably say ..

"This Country's a mess i ah"

Anonymous said...

"Massiah." A slurred statement from Yoda after having a few pints too many.

For further clarification, check with Cooper's former neighbor.

Jim said...

Messiah: I'm going Green. Any one vote in Texas, a solid Red, doesn't matter except to protest by going Green.
I like your poem.

Doug The Una said...

JD, I vote on election day for the same reason I don't watch interleague baseball or reality tv. If I can figure out how to vote McBiden, that's what I'll do.

Sauerkraut, you sound like a nonvoter.

Amoeba, if I remember right, Messiah comes from a title of Xerxes, who probably had quite the messy basement himself.

Al, you're welcome for the excuse.

TLP, you're kind of supporting the Xerxes theory. Anointments usually use oil, not grease.

Actonbell, you can put bells in your beard with ribbons, if that doesn't seem to girly.

Also, Hobbes, the landlord's pronunciation of massuh.

Coopah, he'yud be righit.

Quilly, Yoda's about a pint. All the heavy drinkers are.

Jim, that make you a greenneck? Handy for a Texan Christmas, I'd think.