Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Mayoralty of Macedon

Episode II
To listen, submit your mouse to Teiresias.

Or tickle Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt to read.


TLP said...

You betcha is right! Can I call you Dougie-boy? But let's get back to energy.

BTW, that statue of Artemis is porm. Just sayin'. Is this some kinda beauty pageant stuff?

TLP said...

Porn, not porm...well it could be porm since I don't know what porm looked like. She was Aquaman's stepmom or something like that.

Jim said...

I can relate --
"The rills and stream [that was Clear Creek]
that had attacked the lake gods of Clear Lake, had been thrown back
[in the great flood of Friendswood in 1979]..."
We ended up with three feet of water in our house.

This story reminded me of a novel being written by my granddaughter, BP. Here is a rather long excerpt:

"Gustav and Shipley gazed at the technological heaven that surrounded them. It was filled to the brim with flat screens, P.C.'s, Apple's,and other gadgets that they didn't even know the name of. Shipley nudged Gustav's paw, "Look" he mouthed "Tivos! " Gustav rolled her eyes. Saks looked kind of embarrassed "This is the least of the developed headquarters we have, each animal only has two screens for there computers. Now the one in Greece that is what I call a headquarters." Saks walked briskly down the hall and Shipley and Gustav had to practically trot, to keep up. When they got to the end there was a keypad, Saks pushed some numbers with her nose and the doors slid open with a "whish" Inside they saw what looked like a scaled down model of the oval office. Then the chair behind the desk whirled around, and in the chair was the real Geneve, and Shipley being, well, Shipley couldn't help but hum "Hail to the Chief" under her breath."

Jim said...

I forgot, I came here on Saturday night to tell you that I have given you an award. You don't have to post it, or you can, I haven't posted mine.

So come get it when you have a minute.

Tom & Icy said...

I guess the loser gets to towel off and the winner has to grow fins. I guess they were getting sort of mavericky in the debate.

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite was the "rebellious clods of dirt" analogy. . .

Doug The Una said...

Darn' tootin', Actonbell.

Ha, TLP. Aquaman's stepmom.

Nice excerpt, Jim. The animals with flat screens are bipeds? Thank you.

It was a very maverick-making debate, Icy. Fin-fostering!

Thanks, Weirsdo.

Anonymous said...

I suppose next Orpheus's trip to the underworld will be brought up, yet again.

splendidly crafted again dear do.

An award you must have dear man, yes ....

Ariel the Thief said...

TLP, that's not porn but art. It becomes porn when you tickle it with your mouse-hand...

Unknown said...

I avoid tickling people with spears, so I just asked nicely to read the story.
I figure a story must be pretty good when I start making a little movie in my mind when I read the words. I enjoyed the little movie.

Jamie Dawn said...

Doggonnit! It's wet, and they want to yap about it!
Quit yappin' and build me a raft, golly geez!!
No, better yet. Clear outta my way, and let me build my own raft. I'll do such a good job that I'll open a raft building business. Just don't tax me for succeeding. Gee whiz!


Doug The Una said...

Cooper, apparently the next topic is Orion's underworldly past.

Haha, Ariel. You have a hunter's spirit.

Lily, I'm glad you liked the cinema version.

That's funny, JD. I think you're right. We can expect a new excise tax on branches and twine.

tsduff said...

Fabulous statue - I have always admired Artemis. You can call me Terry if you like.