Friday, February 27, 2009


ARENA, n. In politics, an imaginary rat-pit in which the statesman wrestles with his record.

2009 Update: An inverse pyramid in which the center is weighed down by steroids and the sides lifted up by alcohol and hot dogs.


Ariel the Thief said...

Hot dog ok!

Jim said...

Arena, where the cowboy and the bull wrestle with their records.

Wish our statesmen would wrestle with their records.

Tom & Icy said...

Maybe a few try too hard to be winners while the many try too hard to be losers.

Mutha said...

Just the word arena seems to be self important. It's participants are already set up for trouble -- unless you're a gladiator -- and then all bets are off.
To me -- its like the difference in the Yankees having a stadium and the Sox having a Park

Anonymous said...

the arsenic tainted political arena,
provides hours of entertainment,
when supplemented with Chicago Dogs
and pint of homebrew...Peace
enjoy the week-end :-)

Anonymous said...

Rollerball, anyone?

Hobbes said...

Drawing a blank and Googling, I found this is the name of a British style magazine for men. Oddly, no steroids, alcohol or junk food that I could see, but what cold blooded Englishman needs those if he has Odette Yutsman?

Jamie Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness. Bierce's and your definitions are brilliant today and quite humorous. As I was reading yours, I was thinking "Where's Doug going with this upside down pyramid thing...." then I got to the end and had quite a chuckle.

Arena: a place where the likelihood of being trampled is greatly increased.

Sar said...



tsduff said...

I know not much
About arenas
But on hot dogs and beer
I could be subpoenaed

uummmmm good.

Doug The Una said...

Haha, Ariel. Two or seven?

Jim, I wish they could settle up in 8 seconds.

Icy, trying to be a loser defeats the purpose of purposelessness.

And the Cubs having a field, Mutha, I hear you.

Good recipe, Bear.

Phenomenal film, Amoeba. Kudos.

Sure, Weirsdo. I bet cold-blooded Englishmen like 'em like that. Born earlier, she might have been the Blind Faith cover girl.

Sounds like Savannah on St. Patrick's Day, JD. Luck o' the Irish to ya.

Well, by golly, it's Sar. Welcome back.

Terry, I see an epitaph.

Nessa said...

Beer, beer, bring it here.

Cooper said...

If we used them the right way we'd place the different parties politicians in an arena and watch them fight Gladiator style.

I would like to see my county commissioner in the arena against the head of the school board at this point in time. That I'd pay t see.

I think it would be a grand way to make money be it on a local, state, national, or international level.

Can ya just hear Lou Dobbs now, as he opines on "A Night At The Arena".

Doug The Una said...

Coming right up, Nessa.

Brilliant,Cooper. You alone have come up with a purpose Lou Dobbs would be good for. Truly, there must be hope for each of us.