Monday, February 02, 2009


BEGGAR, n. One who has relied on the assistance of his friends.

2009 Update:  A miser in doubt.
A gallant knight 
Took to flight
Having found himself outnumbered
"Glad I'd be to stand and parry
But the king's ransom I carry
Was already by Parliament encumbered."
-Sir Rudolph Tattleberry


Jim said...

Rabbit, Rabbit +1.
And Happy Ground Hog Day +0!

Jim said...

my dog is a little beggar
how else can she get more bigger
poor soul she loves to eat with me
only crumbs she'll get poor doggie


Anonymous said...

beggar - A bank CEO

Anonymous said...


1. A broke man.

2. A Brokeback man. See DANG.

Anonymous said...

beggar - a girl working on her website who has nooooooo idea what she's doing.

Anonymous said...

in 09 why should a miser be in doubt? I wish I were. It would save all the guilt and worries about a future when I might not be a miser but a homeless person with a house

javajazz said...

Tibbar Tibbar...
(me forgot!)
raggeB, raggeB.

Ariel the Thief said...

Beggar, hungry enough.

tsduff said...

"If wishes were horses then beggars would ride"

Anonymous said...

BEGGAR n. in Hawaii, that would be the minimum wager worker with less than three full-time jobs, and a part-time job (to support him in his canvas and cardboard shack on the beach).

Ariel the Thief said...

Tibbar tibbar!

Anonymous said...

Beggar - one after she buys a new base station.

TLP said...

Little girls used to chant this to learn what type of man they would marry.

"Rich man, poor man,
Beggar man, thief.
Doctor, lawyer,
Indian chief!"

Now they wisely say, "a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle," saving big bucks on divorce and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hound grog! Hound grog!

... er, that's probably not the best medicine for Willy and Walela, is it ...?

Oh well, just hand me my tin cup, willya?


Tom & Icy said...


tsduff said...

TLP, you slay me. I used to jumprope to that ditty. Oh if only we knew it when we were young... LOL

My word verification was "hyper"... they are certainly NOT talking about me.

Jamie Dawn said...


1. GMC
2. Everybody else, including us. We want a bailout!
(Jason and I wrote this.)

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, with encumbered you mean pocketed?

Anonymous said...

did not see a paypal box to check for a donation,glad to know you have not had to resort to e-panhandling...Once i and two others begged/pleaded for funds to bail a bro out of jail,raised over 300 hundred dollars in a few short hours(until i was arrested),we were able to bail out the bro,and two for me,the judge knew me and released me(did have to serve a week-end of my choice)Peace ,thank-you for the memory!!!

Doug The Una said...

Ha, Jim;
Looking into Willie's eyes,
Proves the maker kind and wise,
So precisely proportionalized
Wide as the moon, appetite the same size,

Poobah, such a thin line and such a wide gap.

Dang, Amoeba.

Jenn, may you get no more advice than you need. It looks good, though.

Pia, that was Biercean. You've got a home on this site.

Good luck in February, JJ.

Ariel, are you a fairy now, too?

Great line, Terry.

Quilly, begging sounds more efficient.

And unto you, Ariel.

Oh, come on Jenn. Mightn't it pay for itself in booksales?

Right, TLP, and countless vacuum bags.

Amoeba, I'll even put something in it.

Oh, ok, Ice.

Funny, Terry!

JD, $5 Billion do ya?

Ariel, it means already been allocated for spending.

Bear, I have almost the same story. We must have run with similar people.

Hobbes said...