Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Achtzehn
To hear Actonbell read this week's part, click on the sketch of Marburg's market square.

To read this week's part, click on Frau Braun at left.

For no reason in particular, the story so far is now available here.

And this week in The Prattler, The Specter Spectre Inspector.


the amoeba said...

Has Dietrich actually said anything to anybody yet in this story? Is it just possible that Gretchen will actually allow him to get a word in edgewise?

That's quite the picture of Frau Braun ... looks more like her wake.

Will check in later to hear the reading. It's a bit too late/early to risk speakers just at the moment.

distriat - word veri's been listening in on Dietrich.

TLP said...

That's my favorite line too Acton.

Wonderful reading. Great story.

Ariel the Thief said...

Both links worked for me. Or all three.

Actonbell, I love the way you made Frau and Herr Braun, and your rasping "Legion!" made me giggle, too!

dddragon said...

Ah, sis, you did a great job!

Doug The Una said...

Amoeba, he did in Teil 6, before I decided it was funny to have him talked over. If I had it to do all over again, instead of asking Frau Braun about Gretchen he'd have just seen her and stared.

Actonbell, what I sort of meant was I had the thought this week that if I kept a running "story so far" link, it would be helpful to anyone who wanted to follow the story but hadn't so far. Then I realized there probably isn't anyone in that category, but I put it up anyhow. Once again, great reading and thank you.

Yeah, TLP, you raise good crops.

Yeah, that "Legion" was good. I had imagined it differently and liked Actonbell's version better than the one in my skull.

Dddragon! Hey, big sis.

quilly said...

"Legion!" I loved it! Totally unexpected but so in character and absolutely fitting.

I have a "Story to date" link for my continuing saga. My regulars laughed at me. An d those who don't come regularly likely don't care, right? Oh well. It's there, just in case.

tsduff said...

Actonbell - you sound so amazingly perky and young! Lovely to hear. You made the word "Legion" as scary as it is.

And ha ha Amoeba - I was wondering what that was... thank you for the enlightenment about Frau Braun's wake.

Thanks as always Doug, for your well done efforts on the story.

G said...

I'll be honest I'm too tired to go back and read the story, too bleary eyed to figure it all out, but I enjoyed Actonbell's reading! It was great to hear you Actonbell and knowing your love for books, it wasn't a leap to see how you applied that to storytelling.

Another who loved the "suffering openly in private" as well as your reading of "Legion!"

Well done folks.

Ariel the Thief said...

Terry: "for your well done efforts on the story" - LOL!! Yeah, Doug, we do appreciate.

Jamie Dawn said...

Well done, Acton and Doug! Actonbell, you sound like a friendly person.

Doug, there is so much good about this whole story series. Each episode has several gems within it. Your intelligent wit is on display, and I'm really enjoying the unfolding of this tale.
Thanks for allowing me to despise Frau Braun this weekend even more than I already did.
Deitrich needs to be able to have someone carry his burden. One thing I know is that it won't the hideous Frau Braun!!

Doug The Una said...

That's what I figured, Quilly, but actually that will help me. I missed part of your continuing sage and have been perplexed ever since. So perplexed, in fact, that I didn't notice the link to the story so far. That's great news.

Terry, I've met A-bell and don't trust her driver's license.

G, no need to confess anything. You have a lot going on. Good to hear from you, though, and I'm glad you caught the A-bell Aria.

Sviesen, Ariel ;)

Thanks, JD. I'm glad you're enjoying. You should enjoy chapter 19, too. Lots of bad Braun.

Cooper said...

""Legion!" I loved it!" Those would have been my words, they were in my head as I read it but Qully claimed them first.

Doug The Una said...

Thanks, Cooper. The virtuous recycle, right?