Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Zwo-und-Zwanzig
To hear Minka read this week's episode, click on Danae, at right.

To read this week's episode, click on the daughter of Albion, receiving instruction.

The story so far is available here.

This week in The Prattler, The Search for Stupid.


Minka said...

Obviously I like this part. "he speaks of sin as if it were the natural condition of man", love that.

Frau Brown is a typical German isn't she...I'd be frightened were I still to live in Germany :)

TLP said...

Wonderful! Great going both Minka and Doug.

“A true Christian would not be so judgmental....," is my favorite line. You could count the true Christians on one hand.

cooper said...

Great performance, though I'd like to bind and gag FB, as I'm not fond of her, but that speaks well of your portrayal and I'd miss the words you put into her mouth.

Nessa said...

Lovely reading by Minka.

Doug, you forgot Dan Brown and the Illuminati in your list of Church persecutors.

quilly said...

"A true Christian would not be so judgmental ...." If I were to agree with this, would it make me less than a true Christian as well?

Doug The Una said...

Minka, Iceland hasn't saved many souls, from what I'm told, but we can probably count yours as among them. Great reading, of course, and thank you.

Even in a fist, TLP.

Cooper, maybe when the story is done I'll bring FB out for a public mangling.

Actonbell, wasn't it a great reading?

I did not, Nessa!

Quilly, I'm not the one who measures.

quilly said...

Oh dear! I forgot to tell Minka how wonderful she was! She was so wonderful that her voice became part of the story itself -- and as always, great story weaving, Doug!

Oh -- and your answer to my query -- spoken like a true Christian. ;)

tsduff said...

A day late and more than a few dollars short - here I am to commend Minka on her most perfect narration of another brilliant episode. I can feel the urge for a German sausage coming on.

Doug The Una said...

Thank you, Quilly. I agree, Minka's got a terrific story-telling voice.

Never late, Terry, always short. Brats for breakfast! Drei im Weg!

Jamie Dawn said...

I'm nearly caught up...