Tuesday, May 19, 2009


VOTE, n. The instrument and symbol of a freeman's power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country.

2009 Update: The franchise by which citizens choose between prosecution and burglary.

Californians, do remember to cast your ballot today. There's almost $200 apiece at stake, so it's like working twice.


Jim said...

Vote: I'm voting for all those kine words you got yesterday. Could be an award winner!

Jamie Dawn said...

Vote: Casting pearls before swine most of the time.

CA is in the crapper.
Have a nice day.


Mo;a said...

I Vote that I go back to work and stop reading blogs for a while.

My verification word is Fater...add another t and I would call it an admonition...so I am getting up and going for a walk instead of sitting down to work...so I changed my Vote...but not my party.

Tom & Icy said...

Working twice? Is that consecutive or concurrent--twice as long or twice as hard?

pia said...

$200 apiece? And I moved to the Mark Sanford state, but I didn't vote for him. He makes me dizzy. A man of strong convictions that each cancel all the others out

the amoeba said...

VOTE, n. The instrument that kills a Socrates, elevates a Hitler, and ultimately proclaims the divine right of kings. The most cherished possession of a nation in which the citizens live at the pleasure of corporate tyrants, their masters.

In California, Athens is falling again.

TLP said...

I voted and worked at my local poll as well. Gimme $200.

cooper said...

What, they pay you to vote out there? So that is how the west was won.

Ariel the Thief said...

Vote is the thing elections have nothing to do with.

Doug The Una said...

Yeah, a banner day, Jim.

Thanks, JD. I'm doing my best.

Mo'a you throw the best parties.

Harder, Icy, I'm pretty sure. I figured there was a shade more in taxes available to declare than money to earn for most of us.

Pia, convictions tend to do that in a politician.

Nice, Amoeba. I read that article. Why do you think they didn't interview me?

Ha, Actonbell. C-A, not P-A! But I hope you found a way to vote.

TLP, can I put it on your tab?

Cooper, the number was based on the money at stake divided by residents. For all the hoo-ah, at least a quarter of us earned more yesterday than we voted on.

Ariel, split the day's prize with Amoeba. Excellent.