Friday, July 24, 2009


You've heard, my dear, "the woman's lost
Who hesitates." Then stand
Not foolishly to count the cost,
But kiss me on demand.
2009 Update: Precipitate of sloth. The measure of estimation.

Welcome back, all. And thank you, Mark Buehrle.


Jamie Dawn said...

Hesitation: Pausing before doing what you know you shouldn't do - It's what preceded my having that third truffle.

Welcome back!!! I had to click on Buehrle to know what was up. He pitched a perfect game; that is nifty. I was a tomboy until about tenth grade, then I was half tomboy and half girlie girl. I couldn't give up baseball and volleyball. I pitched and played short stop for our school's softball team. I haven't played in many moons. I'd freak out if I had to swing at a professional's pitch. I'd be so scared that the ball would hit me, and I know that would hurt like crazy! Thus, I would really HESITATE to allow Buehrle to pitch to me.

Jim said...

There may be a Buehrle to create a brew-ha(ha) over picthing a perfect game. But what about our Houston Astros! We just swept our division leader Cardinals for three games.

Those Astros get me so upset when they hesitate, they strike out with the bat on their shoulder. [;-)] [makes a grown man cry] I'll take an impulsive hitter any day over that wimpy stuff.
BTW, welcome back. Now you are fresh and witty again.
I hope you scrolled down, we have a new Texas grandbaby. Our youngest daughter came through like a champ! Grandparents are doing well as is the newest family member.
Jim's new granddaughter

pia said...

With no hesitation I say welcome back

Anonymous said...

Thank God for Buerhle. The White Sox needed something to go right for them. Now they're only one game behind the Lions.

The AL Central is just a crap league. The AL East is superior in every way.

Look at the Yankees, for example. 58W - 38L.

White Sox 50W - 45L.

Why bother?

Anonymous said...

You hesitate around here and you're not the first comment. Sigh.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

See? I couldn't even bother to get the name right. Detroit Lions are the worst team in NFL football.

And the Detroit Tigers?

Well, they're one game ahead of the White Sox.

Anonymous said...

to hesitate , the fork in the path
and you set-up camp...not so much to
stall,but to it the strong ?ideology? that drives many to the well worn path...or simply
easier to take comfort in the path
itself,as so many have traveled it
before,it must be good ,it must be safe....
on the other hand the other path
has its dreamers,belief in ones self to commit to change growth
,to leave this world a better
place,one person at a time,
could be ,
but more likely a blend
as it is ,
the same tree
just many branches i was saying
before rambling on and on
welcome back
a brennivin toast
can hesitate no longer
off to dentist...
Peace Always

karen said...

Dang, Anonymous! So how do you really feel about the AL Central? The White Sox won the 2005 World Series, so they can't be that bad.

The Yankees, on the other hand, are overpaid. The BoSox will clobber them. But in the end, the Rays will beat the Phillies to take the 2009 Series.

Oh yeah. Sorry about that. Welcome back, Ambrose.

TLP said...

Welcome back to blogland Douglas.

Hesitation and anticipation go hand-in-hand. It can be more fun that way.

Minka said...

hesitation,n. similar to a leap of faith; solely dependent on sufficient inspiration to jump
... that ....or the intake of oxygen before voice eruption

congrats with those White Sox, you really like them, huh?!

Ariel the Thief said...

Hesitation, what makes the rope dancer fall.

Yay for the White Sox, for Mark Buehrle and for me for being able to spell his name without typo.

upcusb - get up and cuss my bull

Anonymous said...

had a white sox once-
stepped on a
had a red sox
at end of day-

the amoeba said...

HESITATION, n. His natural and normal response to her demands.

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to comment at all. There's too much anonymity at this blog. And cursing.

TLP said...

No, not weird Acton. It's all in the family.

Doug The Una said...

D, Buehrle doesn't throw hard, just careful. I'd be comfortable striking out.

Jim, congrats to your 'Stros and daughter. Have you picked out a Ford for the grandbaby yet?

Thank you, Pia.

Anonymous 1a, nobody ever walked on water for Rome's sake.

Thanks, Jenn. No rush.

Two as of today, Anonymous 1a.

Bear, I think it's the better tents. Good luck at the dentist.

Karen, we have your prediction in the blog pool. Thank you for playing.

Best reason in the world, TLP.

A pause of faith, Minka?

The ketchup song, A-bell? Not that weird. Like mother like daughter.

Well done, Ariel. I think you're ready for rope-dancing, although I should google first.

And a tetanus shot, I hope, Bear.

Anonymous 1b, I don't know what the asterices cover, but if I ever called a pie stupid, I sure deserve whatever comes.

Anonymous 1c, this should be good aversion therapy, then.

RIght, TLP.

weirsdo said...

Glad you had a good vacation.
Bierce has a very Renaissance feel to him today (I mean, whatever day that was).