Friday, August 07, 2009


GENEOLOGY, n. An account of one's descent from an ancestor who did not particularly care to trace his own.

2009 Update: Testimony for the complainant by those in the family unable to dissent or recuse themselves. A renegade's resumé.


TLP said...

We all go back to the same source.

Mo'a said...

Is that right TLP are you a Viking also ;? LOL

Jamie Dawn said...

Isn't that when you get one of those trees with blank boxes on them and you do your best to fill in the blanks? Just so you know, my mom's mom's name was Reba Theal and my mom's dad's name was Ollie Earl. Ollie's momma was a full blooded Native American. On my dad's side, Aunt Mabel's daughter is big into finding our family roots. She's tracked us way back and she's convinced... as she put it, "We're Mayflower." When Taylor was thinking of a band name, I suggested We're Mayflower, and he had a great chuckle over that.
Okay, that's all the rambling I care to do for now.
Have a happy day, and thank your ancestors for procreating.

the amoeba said...

GENEOLOGY: Well, what do you expect? They sit in those lamps and bottles, sometimes for thousands of years at a time. It's cramped in there, man! Then they have to pop out and do the bidding of weird people who usually speak languages that they have to translate on the fly - when they get around to picking their jaws up off the floor and speaking. You want bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Try Hollywood. A spirit's gotta take a few minutes to stretch and rub out the kinks. And an eye-opener would really be welcome. This bottle's dry.

Jim said...

Gen-eo-lo-gy, I'm more impressed with your ryhme sake (cousin?), Bab-e-o-lo-gy, which is the study of beautiful girl's t-shirts.
I could say about Babe-o-lo-gy ...
And Google can find about 7,780 for "e-o-lo-gy" cousins including the above two.

Minka said...

geneology,n. Iceland in a nutshell; a true academic in this part where everyone has a master's degree purely by association from the second branch to the left

geneology,n. keeping track of men at flight risk

Minka said...

geneology,n. allimony's "in between the lines"

this could go on for a while....

Minka said...

geneology, n. a sailor's alibi for the weekends from age 14

Karen said...

Did anybody know about five hours ago I read this tweet:

"felixsalmon OMG Free Exchange has moved to full RSS! Yay! Why didn't anybody tell me."

About two hours ago:

"Randazzoj Just met @mrdavehill at #whiskeyfriday. Absolutely stunning"

That's what I really like about Twitter - people spout off all day long - in 140 characters or less.

It's really a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Doug's dad sez: Don't ask

Anonymous said...

the teller of truth
about the horse thief
in the family
or sea captain
from black sheep
to bababa sheep
had a cuz
who stuffed cow hides
in the crotch of a
oak tree
he passed-
the oak blew over
and as
the sheriff accused
was true

cooper said...

Coming from a long line of melancholic, pessimistic, Murphy's Oil Soap lovers and twitter despisers, I'd have to say your spot on Doug.

Doug The Una said...

You mean God, TLP?

No, Mo'a, you vikings had a different parentage.

Yours, too, JD. Glad to have you around which almost proves you aren't Mayflower people.

Amoeba, I rubbed a lot of bottle looking for Barbara Eden as a child.

Jim, someone should take a taxonomy of eologies sometime.

Minka, that was quite a roll. Continue if you like.

Karen, blogging was around several years before I knew about. Now that I know about Twitter, it'll likely be several years before I consider it. But did Felix Salmon really tweet that? I'm glad you shared. Well worth a chuckle.

Pop, nobody looks past the town dump.

George, you're channeling JJ which I appreciate. Safe travels and go∂ daginn, to you and Terry.

Cooper, as you can see from my father's comment, I come from a long of geneology avoiders.

Ariel the Thief said...

She says, I am the one, but the kid is not my son!

Karen said...


Don't even try to get the hang of Twitter.

It took me about eight weeks - you'll stay informed.

Copy 'n Paste is easy. So is Photoshop, although I don't have the latest version.

Anything else?

Doug The Una said...

Rest in peace, Michael, J!

Karen, not to worry. Commenters bring me the news like Salome did for Herod.

Ariel the Thief said...

And you pay in heads?

Doug The Una said...


TLP said...

No, I do NOT mean god. I mean primordial crap.

Doug The Una said...

Providential crap?

Ariel the Thief said...

Golden teeth?

TLP said...

Ariel, don't take heads or teeth. Demand chocolate.

Ariel the Thief said...

I give golden teeth for your chocolate!

Doug The Una said...

TLP, there's some portable advice.

Sounds like a virtuous cycle to me, Ariel.

weirsdo said...

I wonder what Ecgfrith would think if he could see us now. . . .