Thursday, August 27, 2009


ADONIS, n. A comely youth, remembered chiefly for his unkindness to Venus. He has been unjustly censured by those who forget that in his time goddesses were only ten cents a bunch.

2009 Update: The hero Andromeda awaited from the foam.


Jim said...

Ἄδωνις, Ádōnis, oops, I had you mixed up with Jim! Both of you are so youthful and such early risers. Almost as fine and early as that Doug!
(Doug, you are definitely early this morning.)

Ariel the Thief said...

Yeah, so the two could have had a nice small talk till Hellboy came and rescued both. Or at least one.

Adonis, too skinny for pillow, too soft for dagger.

the amoeba said...

One of the original beautiful people.

dpmented: an egghead.

Karen said...

Poor Andromeda. Chained to a rock and left for dead. And sea monsters! What could be worse? I suppose maybe the Gorgon Medusa, but not by much.

TLP said...

Adonis: too pretty for my taste.

Quilly said...

But I thought Kevin Sorbo was Andromedia's hero?

The Old Mule said...

Adonis: the gay waiter at the Turkish restaurant.


Happy end of summer folks!

cooper said...

Yea, really, I imagine Andy Warhol would have had a field day with him.

Tom & Icy said...

That foam gets ya drunk faster than the beer.

tsduff said...

He lives with me. But why does he often look like a Bear?

Doug The Una said...

Jim, it happens. Lack of distraction.

Ariel, that's a great epitaph.

Amoeba, predating philosopher, mathematicians and single-celled organisms.

Karen, the thing to consider is whether, if Medusa had been chained to that rock, would Perseus have bothered?

Mine, too, as it happens, blogmama.

Wasn't he Hercules, Quilly? Ptui!

Hey, Mule! Happy harvest to you, sir.

I can imagine that, Cooper. Canned beauty.

I hadn't heard that, Icy. I'll try to remember.

Are you sure that's not Samson, Terry?

Quilly said...

Once a hero, always a hero! (Until the muscles begin to sag.)

Unknown said...

A dream many men are living and think is true when they look in the mirror


Doug The Una said...

Quilly, that's usually at the first sign of danger.

Absolutely, Nicole. We're pretty just before we wake up which happens right after we look in the mirror.

tsduff said...

I'm no Delilah ha ha

weirsdo said...

Often a relative of Narcissus, I have found.