Friday, August 28, 2009


ASPERSE, v.t. Maliciously to ascribe to another vicious actions which one has not had the temptation and opportunity to commit.

2009 Update: To baptize by sputum into the grand fellowship of the slandered.


Unknown said...

# 1 spitter

coulatr: I'll be cool later

Ariel the Thief said...

Wow Doug, thatw as great!


Asperse, Jago's friendship.

TLP said...

Butt side down. Usage: She fell down asperse.

TLP said...

Maybe she slipped on the spit.

alygo: I'll go now.

pia said...

No TLP stay. You're so enjoyable

Anonymous said...

Now I really, really hesitate to comment at all. Too much spittle all over the place!

In addition, word verification is "maliciz," which sounds suspiciously like maliciously.

the amoeba said...

[finds long-forgotten propeller beanie from back corner of closet, brushes it off, puts it on]

ASPERSE, v. t. To contribute to the biogeographical distribution (aspersion) of pit vipers.

[doffs beanie, places it carefully in box, stows box among items to accompany Amoeba to U.S. Mainland around New Years.]

Quilly said...

ASPERSE v.t. a personal security system for women's purses. The purse may still be stolen, but it can be easily recovered from the thief's dead body.

Karen said...

Apparently you've had problems with purse-theft, Quilly. Perhaps Hawaii isn't the paradise everyone imagined.

devainse: I have no earthly clue.

Cooper said...

A dramatic redefinition. I love it.

Doug The Una said...

She who spits first, spits the dampest, Karma. I'm pretty sure.

Ariel, I expectorate the best.

TLP, it happens. Probably more than you think.

Thank you, Pia. I agree.

Anonymous, the verifier must know you, even if we don't.

Amoeba, your golden beanie shouldn't be left for the tourists.

Like a mace grenade, Quilly? That sounds like a disincentive.

Karen, from my friends Quilly and Amoeba I get the idea Hawai'i is one big purse-snatching.

No aspersion, Coop? What if I voted McCain?

Jim said...

Sorry I missed this one, it was fun. I was thinking in line with Quilly.
Like spit on the purse snatcher.
I have some fond memories of spitting episodes.