Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Limericks on Wednesday mean I'm particularly slow-witted and hurried

We tremble what each day might bring.
Take comfort it won't change a thing
Though sunshine or raining
Expect more complaining
Our forecast is good through the Spring.

CHANGE, n. A constant source of consistent complaint.

There's a lady I know in P.A.
Who can read, write or run the long day.
Her major repentence-
The long run-on sentence-
Of all things should have seemed o.k.

Happy birthday, Actonbell.


Ariel the Thief said...

Who reads, writes and runs, yes, this is she! Very Happy Birthday, Actonbell!

Jim said...

Doug speaks we listen!
Is a comma splice a run-on sentence, I don't think it is.
Oh yes, Happy Birthday, Actonbell!

Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray for another year on this planet with the presence of the marvelous Actonbell!!! I wish her many more happy, healthy years to run and write and read and do all she enjoys!!!

Change: All I've got left in my pocket (and bank account) about now.

:-) Don't go changin'...

TLP said...

Change: Inevitable and steady deterioration. See sad news.

Nessa said...

happy Birthday, Actonbell!

Doug, is that limerick crack directed at me? (Yes, I am the center of everyone's universe, so it must be.)

* * *
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the amoeba said...

CHANG-E: Chinawood clone of Wall-E. What ...?!?!

Nessa, you and Quilly are going to have to talk.


Tom & Icy said...

Isn't versity training similar to a training bra, like, trying to learn what will come naturally?

cooper said...

It's Wednesday and Doug appears tired

In work and in life he is mired

He writes about change

Which is well in his range

Perhaps it's from Nash he was sired

TLP said...

Oh, nice, Actonbell.

Karen said...

Wow -- I like a limerick in italics!

It's much much better than a green limerick with birthday wishes for Actonbell whom I don't really know but wish her Happy Birthday anyway.

Doug The Una said...

Ariel, that sounds like a superhero theme song. Actonbell should absolutely have a theme song.

Jim, I don't have any idea, really, I never learned grammar, grammar being complicated and rules based.

JD, I'm the same broke as flush. I don't even eat less.

TLP, that's probably the wrong orientation for your daughter's birthday. You're supposed to lie.

Gosh, Nessa. I don't know how to answer.

Amoeba, I suspect you don't want them talking. Was Wall-E made in China? And how do you say "Well done," in Chinese?

If only, Icy.

OK, A-bell, but you see how strained that was? I stand by my limerick.

I thank you for your salutation
And commend you your fine maturation
But in terms of descent,
It's not as you meant,
Curmudgeons skip new generations.

TLP, since when did mothers start encouraging?

Karen, italics are everything in limericism.

Unknown said...

"Though sunshine or raining
Expect more complaining"

I think we humans have mastered this part ;)

Doug The Una said...

Hey, Nicole. Arguably, that's what this blog is for and I'm 1,300 posts in already.

Unknown said...

Your blog is for complaining about the weather?
I missed that so far ;)

Doug The Una said...

I meant complaint generally.

Can I sneak by with "All the endeavors of man are grounded weather?"

Unknown said...

I guess we can let is pass this time ;)

Doug The Una said...

You're gracious. Thank you.

Minka said...

change,n. usually the turn from paper into coins

Minka said...

Keep it!

weirsdo said...

We're back from our trip up Northeast
To famine from cultural feast.
But Williams and Mahler
Cost an almighty dollar,
And th'invisible palm must be greased.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, that's generous.

However far you have traveled
O'er freeway or side road ungraveled
Wherever you roam,
You're always at home
'Less your blog's un-updated and -raveled.