Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Reformation of Wolfshausen

Teil Vier-und-Dreizig
To hear Danny Boy read, click on the haystacks. Long-time Waking Ambrose family will remember Dan as an old friend of mine from Deep Springs.
To read this week's episode, click on Frau Braun's Apfelkuchen.
The story so far is here. Happy birthday to Dddragon!


Karen said...

You could spin a whole new story off that line:

"Sarcastic Allies of the Devil and Other Tales from Unreconciled Sinners."

TLP said...

Oh, goodie! Wonderful writing Doug, and great reading Dan.

This is fun.

TLP said...

Oops! Happy birthday Della, whoever that is.

Anonymous said...

a pleasant blue skied morning
as i stretch awake from this
fine pile of sweet scented hay
great reading/listening/writing
thank you
recall awaking in a horse corral once
tumbled down a hill rolled under bottom of corral bars
to awake hours later
to the scent of horse manure..
wish the, stranger ,better luck
Peace & Blessings

hysoot--hell(LA) air quality today

Doug The Una said...

Maybe not, Actonbell, but you may be allied with the sarcastic.

Karen, I couldn't write it.

Right, TLP. Happy birthday to Della, whoever that is.

Bear, it's rough breathing down here. A little manure would do a world of good.

Karen said...

I gather [with help from my old friend, Google] all this haystack and manure stuff may have its origins in "The Farm" labor program at Deep Springs College?

cooper said...

Great work and yes intriguing.
Sinners allied to the sarcastic, hummm. So be it.

Can't wait for the next installment.

Doug The Una said...

Well googled, Karen.

Amen and Amen, Coop.

tsduff said...

*Wolfs down several well aimed pecks of the above Apfelkuchen.* ahhhh. Peach is better but no complaints here.

Great job Dan - how's the weather in the Windy City these days?

Minka said...

"After death, unreconciled sinners were lost to the Devil. In
life, they were often found allied to the sarcastic."

sometimes you are just THAT good!

excellent reading and i am glad I scrolled down far enough to find it :)

women fighting is a tonguey whip lashing, isn't it?!

one wonders how YOU can write it!

Doug The Una said...

Terry, I like peach in a cobbler.

Minka, I've known sharp-tongued women now and then.