Monday, September 21, 2009


PEDESTRIAN, n. The variable (and audible) part of the roadway for an automobile.

2009 Update: adj. Exotic.


Jim said...

Pedestrians are individuals losing their once held status along the highways of high esteem.
Sidewalks are not being built along many of the roadways. Bicycle paths are proliferating in their stead.
Pedistrians everywhere, ARISE!

Pedistrians ARISE!

Ariel the Thief said...

Pedestrian, a religious pederast. Or so it sounds to me. Exotic indeed.

k. riggs gardner said...

What an exotic neighborhood! How charming.

the amoeba said...

PEDESTRIAN, adj. Self propulsion. PEDEQUESTRIAN: Rickshaw propulsion. The fate of Americans in the coming Age of China.

Brittney said...

One step away from roadkill.

pia said...

As a pedestrian who both carries grocery bags and exercises I have to disagree with Actonbell. People don't hesitate to scream not sweet sayings when I have groceries--and I haven't had the nerve to use my New York style shopping cart yet

People here believe in cars, and golf carts though they say things about people in golf carts on the one sidewalk near hear. Oh forget that--that's me who does

Tom & Icy said...

The pedestrians in our neighborhood are exotic, especially the way they dress. Maybe they are grown-up cheerleaders. Or angels looking for Peter.

k. riggs gardner said...


You should go back to your neighborhood now. Take Diamonelle with you.

Diamonelle said...

I ain't no street walker. You are confusing me with Liquid Bling again.

Could be you are frustrated, K. and should elerpe, which is the word up verifier.

k. riggs gardner said...


My word verifier is chrome.

You should drive Liquid Bling back to the 'hood in your Superfly pimpmobile with really tacky chrome-plated wheels.

You can mind your own business much better over there.

Superfly said...

Yo. Diamonelle ain't taking my wheels or Liquid Bling.

quilly said...

I am quite surprised that Amoeba didn't tell you that here in Hawaii the pedestrians are safer walking in the road with the cars. There's much less chance there of being run over by a skateboarder, bicyclist or moped rider. The sidewalks are only for the foolish and the brave.

Doug The Una said...

Yes, yes, Jim! Walkers, stand up!

Ariel, that's even more exotic than I had in mind.

Karen, I'm sure.

Nah, Amoeba. Just really small cars.

Depending on how you look at it, Brittney, one turn.

You know, Actonbell, I never even thought about it before, but you're right- it should sound like pediatrician. I am guilty and a pedophobe.

Pia, your language shocks you? Try Manhattan.

Probably Angels looking for Saint Peter soon enough, Icy.

Karen, having a whistle don't make you a cop.

Diamonelle, that's some verifier to give a gymnast.

K, maybe if you give her directions.

Word is bond, Superfly.

Quilly, fools rush in where skaters fear to tread.

Jamie Dawn said...

Pedestrians are cross dressers... I mean cross walkers.


The Old Mule said...

pedestrian: the man without a ride.

Anonymous said...

pedestrian: the girl showing off her shoes.

And the one limping is me.

Cooper said...

What you are when you live in a city I guess. We have lots of pedestrians, as do NY. They aren't that rare here any longer.

I think in California they may well be exotic.

weirsdo said...

The Greek root of pedophile is "paid-," pronounced "pied," so I don't see why it makes much difference whether we anglicize it to "ped" or "pede." CentiPEDE also has to do with feet, not kids. Not good kids, anyway.

k. riggs gardner said...

Wow ... I really like The Old Mule's blog!

Doug The Una said...

Good both ways, JD. Me, I'm a man's man and take the car to cross the street.

Right, Mule. A hitch-hiker.

Jenn, I'm afraid I'm no good for a shoe joke.

Coop. I think it's a city East of the Mississippi. In the west, we drive everywhere until they get the jet pack right.

Weirsdo, you found me out. I was the kid with the centipede best friend.

Karen, Mule's a great guy, too. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

as a pedestrian often
must agree with prior post
just a heart beat away
from being road-kill...

days when i think i would
i used the crosswalk
with hopes of
insurance money


Doug The Una said...

Better, I think, Bear, to drive and die of your own device.

Who knew PEDESTRIAN was such a racy word?

sauerkraut said...

As music goes, Mozart is not so pedestrian.

weirsdo said...

I thought I left this before. This link is relevant to our discussion of centipedes and children, I think.