Thursday, October 29, 2009


DRAGON, n. A leading attraction in the menagerie of the antique imagination. It seems to have escaped.

2009 Update: A genus comprising greater variety in character than either canis or barber. The key traits include a leathery and scaled hide, moral dubiousness, destructive expression and appointment as opposed to election.


Nessa said...

I am going to have a dragon in my NaNoWriMo story this year (and I don't mean a politician, Doug.)

Plus, I am throwing in a Vampire, grave digger, vampire slayer, vampire victim, two witches, an owl, snake, ghost.

And I like your sentence much better than mine, Doug.

Thursday Thirteen - Fiendish Facts

Jim said...

Grandpa Dragon said
with a firey breath, we are
slaying sport supreme

k. riggs gardner said...

actonbell ~ isn't "Baiting the Dragon" the newer version of "Dungeons and Dragons" ??

TLP said...

I'm draggin' a bit myself.

(Note to Doug: AP3's pix are on Facebook, where all the action is these days.)

the amoeba said...

DRAGON, n. A snaky beast of fearsome visage, who eats children and uses their legs to dance through the city streets, begging for money. A pre-electronic blogger.

Anonymous said...

oh to soil
the Dragon
with such an
though not as
murderous as
st george...
i myself still
believe in
Magic Dragons
when at the sea
am on the
look out
for Puff...
as it is said
there is
no knowledge


quilly said...

Remember Cecil? He was my childhood friend and my nickname came from that cartoon.

And, you realize that the continuing Thursday tale on my blog has just encountered dragons?

Anonymous said...

Doug's Dad sez:

TLP, have I told you lately that I love you. I am draggin myself

TLP said...

@Doug's Dad: nope you haven't. But your declaration picked my tail right up by golly.

Cooper said...

If not for Tolkien I'd know nothing about dragons, though I guess the Jabbewocky was a type of dragon, and Ogden Nash had a couple of cool poems about a cowardly dragon.

Unknown said...

if you tickle a dragon on his tummy, he will belch. ok, i made that up

cationle: approaching a French dragon with caution

Tom & Icy said...

I woke up about four in the morning and was sitting here listening to the clock tick when I realized I don't have a ticking clock and noticed it was Icy breathing heavy.

Doug The Una said...

Actonbell, unfortunately she didn't post them where I could see them. I think people now play dungeons and dragons-type stuff online.

Nessa, it's the time off for good behavior I bet.

Jim, a haiku dragon needs slaying.

Karen, I think I miss the reference. But probably.

Wish I could see 'em, TLP. Are we related to Erasmus B Dragon?

Nicely done, Amoeba. Why don't they proliferate more?

Bear, that one's a keeper. Get up, stand up.

Charleney Beanie derives from Cecil? (Sure do remember him, by the way.

Skip two, and then...

Cooper, you found all the right sources.

Nono, Karma. That's true. I lost an ear and my hair just that way.

Tom, Willie sometimes wakes me up thinking "Wait, I don't live near the docks!"

k. riggs gardner said...

That was harsh, Doug. A little over the top, don't you think?

quilly said...

No. Charlenie-Beanie derives from Cecil. Is it any wonder that my love is a propeller-beanie?

Author of BEOWULF said...

Tha se wyrm onwoc, wroht waes geniwad;
stonc tha aefter stane, stearcheort onfand
feondes fotlast; he to forth gestop
dyrnan craefte dracan heafde neah.

Then the worm awoke; the quarrel was renewed; sniffing along the stone, the stouthearted one found
the enemy's footprint; he stepped forth
with secret craft near the dragon's head.