Monday, March 01, 2010


CUSTARD, n. A detestable substance produced a malevolent conspiracy of the hen, the cow and the cook.

2010 Update: The reproductive process, sweetened and baked.


TLP said...

Custard: when done correctly, a wonderful thing.

Rabbit rabbit. (No rabbit in custard, thankyouverymuch.)

Mo'a said...

Rabbit, rabbit.
Last night for desert we had molded custard garnished with mangoes and rose pedal syrup.
During my college years in London, England we had soft custard (also known as creme anglaise) with canned fruit almost every day...I thought I would never eat custard again...however now I love it...kind of like comfort food.
Creme creme brulee, creme de caramel ...custard in many forms.

I need lessons from you on how to say much in a few words.

Mo'a said...

...see what I mean?...that is Creme brulee...single creme :)

Unknown said...

YumYum, what a coincidence - I just made some today :D

tsduff said...

"...Yellow mother custard dripping from a dead dogs eye"
I Am The Walrus - John Lennon

Sorry but it was the first thing to come to mind. I like flan better.

Rabbit Rabbit

quilly said...

What is the difference between chilled custard and cold eggs?

One of them can still be eaten with mayonaisse. There is no hope for the other.

Jim said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

I'll have lemon curd, British style, please.
I love cold eggs. I don't know what's wrong with Quilly.
Put a little salt and paper on them and they are better than warm eggs.

pia said...

Yuck to both definitions ) or yolk really

Anonymous said...

CUSTARD: Can't stand the stuff LOL Rabbit, Rabbit

tilden talks... said...

bok bok

k. riggs gardner said...

Bok choy. Peking Duck.
We have a wonderful grocery store chain here named Harris Teeter.
I'm sure Pia's familiar ~ they have stores in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.
Anyway, they sell all of the above and more!
Creme brulee, caramels, lemon curd (is delicious), cream puffs, flan, mangoes and rose pedal syrup.
And eggs and bacon with rye toast or biscuits if you prefer. Cheese grits, too.

sauerkraut said...

rabbit rabbit, dude!

custard: what the amish substitute with scrapple. it's the same, just more ingredients.

Minka said...

Hase hase!

I love Ambrose's definition. I dislike custard, unless is comes properly disguised in the form of a Schneewittchenkuchen. Yes, that is one word!

custard,n. catapult ammunition for red nosed freak shows

javajazz said...

i like the thought of custard...
seems comforting,
Rabbit Rabbit, Doggie.

cooper said...

The consistency of custard makes it undeserving a definition.

k. riggs gardner said...

And still yet another cooper comment. They just keep reproducing like rabbits, rabbits.

Unknown said...

it's a cus word

prosyso: very much in favour of, if i may say so

Nessa said...

I don't think I should have read either definition so early in the morning. Neither is very appetizing.

RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up

Doug The Una said...

I agree, TLP. A favorite desert of mine.

Mo'a, my advice would be stay away from food as a topic. Oh, and don't describe your own art. I couldn't describe your work in less than 500 words, I don't think.

That is a coincidence, Nicole. As it happens my flight to Cairo leaves in an hour.

Yeah, Terry...I was trying to imagine breakfast.

Nonsense, Quilly. You're just not hungry enough.

Jim, that sounds alright. As to your question, Quilly's just Quilly.

Haha, Pia. Fair enough.

Thom, it's good with sangria, I bet.

Furnke urnke meataball, Tilden.

Karen, I remember Harris Teeter. In Atlanta it has a reputation as a pick-up joint.

Different biological process, I think, Sauerkraut.

Fräulein, as you know I have had schneewittchenkuchen. Isn't that butterkek, chocolate and cherries? I don't remember custard and I'd remember custard.

I agree, JJ. It's the princess of comfort foods. Or the comfort princess of food.

Cooper, that's an elegant point. Like a curl of custard.

Good of you to count, Karen. Whenever I'm lonesome or discouraged, I can go to your latest comment and see how often Cooper thinks of me.

It is that, recent birthday girl.

Nessa, lector emptor.

Minka said...

the cherries were in the custard!!! there is custard, believe you me.

Doug The Una said...

Minka, you sure that wasn't vanilla pudding?

Ariel the Thief said...

There's no good life cannot be made better with vanilla pudding!

Hobbes said...

I agree with the update. Bierce must have gotten just desserts.