Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Special Guest Pez

My special guest this week is Aral Peppermint Patty Pez (Picture at right.) She has offered the following definitions for Hockey.

Hockey, n. 1: A good skate ruined.
2: A game played on an ice rink by two opposing teams of 6 skaters with 12 teeth between them.
3: Football for Canadians.

About Aral: Aral Peppermint Patty Pez manages an astonishing balance of privacy and access. Here's are some things she's shared: Her first battle with acid reflux, that she has a wife and used to have a husband, that she thinks she's fat, that she used to be like Valerie Plame only scarier and her lagophilia. Here are some things she's kept hidden: Her name, her face (but for the outing by her mother, Tan Lucy Pez,) and what she does for a living (some kind of ministry something.) Whatever she shares or hides, she writes and photoshops thoughtfully, humorously and like she's making a postcard for her best friend. As a consequence, many of us who read her have come to think of her as a best friend. The timing of her appearance here requires a comment on her recent posts about her brother who died by suicide. Aral, all of your online friends have shared your pain and your resilience and are better for it.
(Left) The love that dares not speak its name

About the Pezes: Where one Pez is, all the Pezes are so here's part I regarding her family. Aral was (as I understand) the first of her family to start a weblog. The explanation of the names is Here. Aral's sisters, Actonbell and Dddragon have signed up to write definitions for future weeks and I'm still hoping that her mom, Tan Lucy and her nieces Goa'uld and Bookworm will join them. For now I should just say that the Pezes started on the West Coast wound up on the East Coast and somehow picked up the warmth of the Midwest, the hospitality of the South and some all-American saracasm. I think all Pez readers read all Pez blogs and imagine themselves Pez. I call "Robert Morley Pez."

How to be a Wednesday guest: Just leave a comment here or send me an email (dougpas @ At present, the list is about 8 weeks ahead so be patient with me. I'm slow and its not my fault.


Tom & Icy said...

We love Aral Peppermint Patty Pez and she has a wonderful blog.
But I thought Hockey was just another name for my Poop! Woof!

dddragon said...

Hockey: a sport where the fans can come home as bloody as the athletes.

(did one of us mention at some point that mom got hit by a puck at a game?)

Sar said...

Hockey: At one time NHL players received all the perks of fame and glory along with a few bonus trips to the emergency room; however, much like corporate big wig lackies, lately they are paid for not showing up.

Aral - I almost didn't recognize you without your popping eyes & tounge! Great pix & definition. I'll be sure to make my way around the Pez blogs. :)

AP3 said...

A very funny (LOL), sweet tribute. Thank you, Doug!

Doug said...

Tom & Icy, I expect to hear that a lot today. About Aral, not your poop.

No, Dddragon was the puck okay? I saw that happen at a Bruins-Kings game. Your mom came out of the experience a lot prettier than the guy I saw.

Sar, thank you for your comment. No way, this here comments section would have been complete with no-one mentioning the strike. For my part-grrrrr.

Thank you, Aral, I'm delighted that you let me do this.

schnoodlepooh said...

what a nice tribute to AralPPPez. I totally agree. She's a good pez, as are all the pezzes. I am enjoying reading the Pez chronicles and getting to know them. Tom & Icy are pretty cool too. woof

mireille said...

I don't know anything about hockey (what the puck) but I'm down with the Pezes. It's amazing to see people who are related AND like each other, all in one package. Thank you Doug for bringing them to light ... xoxoxo

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Hockey n : Gladiator teams fighting on ice in an arena. Anything goes. The fighters can even wear skates if they want. The winning team is determined by how many Gladiators are left alive on each team.

If there are an equal number of fighters left on each team, then total teeth remaining inside the mouths is used to break the tie.

a4g said...

Hockey, n. Among the modern cultured class, the fourth of Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Along with the third, Football, it is played fortissimo. The two shift between F-major and F-minor, depending upon the level of rivalry with the opposing team. Unlike autunno, however, hockey is played in 3/4 time and often al dente.

actonbell said...

hockey-that game they were playing during the climatic fight scene (between lovers) in Chasing Amy. Pretty violent.

I hope Aral's wearing enough stuff.

weirsdo said...

Let's not leave out field hockey, in which females demonstrate that they are more deadly than their (predominantly male) frozen counterparts.

AP3 said...

I played field hockey in high school, weirsdo... surprise, surprise, right?

Doug said...

Schnoodlepooh, it's nice to see you over here. Any friend of the Pezes is a friend of mine and, of course, I agree.

And Mireille, it's nice to see you here to. I didn't bring them to light, but I'm glad to honor them any way I can. Especially now that I have my own Pez dispenser.

Tan Lucy, isn't that dent-ist?

a4g, Dude, you live in LA, awright? Gaa-ah!

Actonbell, you mean for chasing Amy?

Of course, Weirsdo, propers to the field hocky assassins.

Aral, your post today was very touching, thanks for that. And I'm not surprised. Is that where you were recruited?

Minka said...

I love the idea of special guest can´t help but go and check their blogs out. It is good promotion (hope they are paying you enough!):)

Doug said...

Monika, I accept definitions in lieu of cash. You in?

Minka said...

I will give it some more thought. Slightly intimidated by those geniuses on your comment page. But I am tempted!

Jamie Dawn said...

I didn't stop by here on Wed., so I missed all the Aral fun. I regularly read her blog though and love keeping up with the Pezes.

Fred said...

Wonderful post on the Pez family. They are a great bunch; I feel like I'm invited in for a cup of coffee every time I stop by.

Doug said...

Jamie Dawn, it took me a month to realize you weren't a pez. You're a gem, though.

I agree, Fred, and the magic part is I never break their china.

Doug said...

Jamie Dawn, it took me a month to realize you weren't a pez. You're a gem, though.

I agree, Fred, and the magic part is I never break their china.