Friday, September 30, 2005


Attorney, n. A person legally appointed to mismanage one's affairs which one has not himself the skill to rightly mismanage.

2005 Update: A practitioner whose corruption of the legal system is enforced by the justice system.

Attorney, left, Jenna Leigh Mooney, Esq. with a Plaintiff

Happy Birthday, Sis!


dddragon said...

well, how the heck can I possibly post a nasty comment about attorneys with that adorable pic lookin' back at me?! I ask you!


Attorney: syn. see Shark

Sar said...

Juding by the picture, I think the cute little one just made a motion and the pretty lady will have to appeal it.

Happy birthday Doug's sister!

weirsdo said...

She doesn't look like a harpy.
Is that Stevie the optimist? He looks as though his outlook is changing.

Happy birthday, JLM.

Doug said...

Dddragon, I knew you'd overcome. Jenna takes the kid to court for the same reason.

Funny, Sar, and thanks.

Thou hast said it, Weirsdo (you should try her in the morning.) That's Stevie the optomists grandson.

~Daydreamer~ said...

Your sis looks LOVELY Doug and the little one is soooo cute!! I agree with dragon. How can I make a nasty comment now?

Happy birthday Doug's sis :)

Anyway, attorney: Someone who makes a living out of lying.

AP3 said...

Happy Birthday, Jenna! Cute photo.

Actually, most of the attorneys I know are pretty darned nice. I know there are major exceptions, but that's true in every field.

Why am I standing up for attorneys? What is WRONG with me?

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Happy birthday to Jenna! Lovely lady indeed, and cute little one.

The attorneys that I know personally, I like. But the whole system stinks, so I'll take a stab at lawyers. The innocent ones along with the guilty.

Attorney, n.,
Person for hire: If you have little money, you will get little law.

Mama said...

Happy Birthday, daughter. The best thing for me about you being an attorney is that I get to watch the "appendage" while you are defending the Man! I love you.

Shirazi said...

Happy Birtday to the lady.

I may not play proper butI wil sure keep trying. Attornies have made the court what they are now.

Doug said...

Thanks, Marwa. Yes, my sister's a beauty with a chubby kid.

Thanks, Aral. Let's all please stop standing up for attorneys, they're savage skin-eating monsters to a one. The pretty ones are just in camouflage so they can get the first incisor into your throat without shooting you first. More blood left that way.

Thank you, TLP. You're a courageous soldier in God's army.

Hey, Mom! Thanks for signing the card.

Thanks, Shirazi. You play just fine. I'm hoping you'll be a regular here.

pia said...

Happy birthday Jenna aka Doug's sister aka attorney

attorney: a person you might not want but need to stand up for you; or you might not need to to stand up for you but want for moral support and a good lawyer's letter

LeesahEm. said...

Now that's a cute baby!
Most of the attorney's I know are drunks. So I guess my definition is attorney-conditional employment until the rehab center has a spot open. :)

Semisweet1 said...

your shameless. throwing up a picture of your cute sister and nephew for your unsubtle "cute-by-association" agenda. If you were an attorney, you could win public office.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

ATTORNEY: a contest or in this case your representative in a contest.

May the best team win. ;)

Happy Birthday to the sib.

cute baby

Jamie Dawn said...

Your definition cannot be topped. I simply applaud it.

I wish your beautiful sister a wonderful birthday that will keep her smiling brightly.
That baby is a darling! I LOVE babies. I would shrink my teenagers back into babies in a second.

Doug said...

Thanks, Pia. The lawyer letter can worth having your hiney sharkbit for, I agree.

That's hysterical Masil.

Thanks, S. I remember you meeting Jenna. First and last time you were quiet in my presence.

Thanks, Alice. Sounds like Rollerball (I know, you're too young)

JD, you're sweet as the driven snow.

Tom & Icy said...

Happy b-day, sis.

actonbell said...

Happy birthday to the lovely Jenna and the cutiepie:)

Doug said...

Thanks, Tom, Icy and Actonbell. It's good to have friends for occassions like this.

Anonymous said...

Just popping in from Blog Explosion to say hi!

Have a great day!

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Please, let us not pick on attorneys...(sniffles...)

All jokes aside, you must be a very proud brother!

Doug said...

I always welcome the lost as my kin. Make yourself at home.

I am a very proud brother and a proud blogger that Barbara from California came by.

Na said...

eFresh and friends - thanks so much for the birthday wishes. It was a fabulous day. Wish I had something clever to say . . . but I don't. . . can't expect much from me, I'm just an attorney

Andrew Donaldson said...

Attorney, n. A member of a class of people without whom human society would prosper, and each television season would suffer.

a4g said...

Attorney, n. A dangerous, bloodthirsty beast bred and trained to attack the jugular, with a peculiar jaw that once locked upon a throat, is nearly impossible to dislodge. Inexplicably, most people feel safer having one of their own.

Doug said...

Hey, Jenna! You're not just an attorney! You're also the beloved wife, mother, daughter and sister of people you can somehow still look in the eye after you put hillbillies off their land to make room for Wal-mart. (Love ya)

Andrew, good television is importamt.

Nice definition, a4g, that's how the alligators wound up in the sewers of New York, and how the lawyers reached the sunlit parts.

Fred said...

Sis looks like she's quite happy, but her baby looks pretty frightened with the whole picture thing.

Happy Birthday!

Comfort Addict said...

One who perpetuates someone else's dispute for personal gain (see Sylvester McMonkey McBean).

Bloggy said...
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