Saturday, September 03, 2005

Willie The Wonderdog

Story #8: In which we learn from Willie that delusions can come true.

To listen to Willie's story, click his image:

To read Willie's story, click his self-image:

For no good reason, look at this cool gif:doggy_flying_hg_clr

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AsianSmiles said...

"paragon of positive thinking"
"his idea of his place in the world"
"forgets disabilities"

big words.

it's amazing how we define things as we see them and turn out to be very very helpful in our lives. sometimes our 'lessons' come from the most unexpected people or animals, or things..and adversaries, and predators.

and the more amazing thing is recognizing these lessons and absorbing them instead of just moving along and take things for granted.

it makes our lives a lot easier, and "happier".

Hello Doug. Waking Ambrose proved to be a nice company while taking my first cup of coffee today. :)

Thanks a lot!

Semisweet1 said...

Good story. I hope the bear cub doesn't come back after puberty with a drunk on and an inferiority complex to exorcise.

* * *

"Prey with faith" - reminds the cynical unwilling celibate of his next first date.

actonbell said...

I think I'm one of those already in love with Willie:) I've LOVED that head shot from the first time I saw your blog, and was surprised by the full-body picture. Great story, wonderful definition! (I can't define words, as you've no doubt noticed).

Sar said...

Preditor: A nasty, ugly creature who met his demise in the '80s at the hands of a would-be Governor; not at all similar in appearance or demeanor to the sweet, adorable Willie who apparently does, however, share the same zeal for prey and happens to live in the same state of said would-be governor.

Doug, I'll never tire hearing you tell stories of the Lovely Walela and Willie The Wonderdog! Thanks for another great story. :)

Doug said...

Thanks, Asiansmiles! And I'm non-dairy!

Semisweet1, I remember some of your previous first dates. Come to think of it, there are some good stories there. Hmm.

Actonbell, I've noticed you don't write definitions. I've also noticed you write beautifully. I think you're just shy. Thanks for your comment about Willie. He hasn't even used his Beagle Love Ray on you yet.

Sar! Thanks for writing on the definition and your kind words about Willie. I told him he should run in the recall. And I'm glad you guys like the dog stories. I'm going to try to do something else next week for fear of being that guy.

AP3 said...

I'm with actonbell... I fell in love with Willie at first site!

dddragon said...

Predators - shoppers, sensing a bargain, circling in for the sale. The most aggressive of these will turn around a nice profit on Ebay.

dewmp = Darling Willie is My Pup!

karma said...

At last I know brave little Willie's name. But I still don't know why he looks at me like that

Doug said...

See that boy, you belong to the world now. Willie says "Alert CNN."

Thanks, Aral, he's a great fella.

Funny, Ddd, at least Willie doesn't drool as much.

Karma, because he's wondering if your hand is a Viennetta.

OK, everyone. Willie and I have rabbits to evacuate. Have a great weekend, all.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I'm with everyone in enjoying this story. Each Saturday tale is better than the one before.

Willie is so cute! I'll be happy to take him, if you get run over by a truck or somethin'. Just sayin'

Preditor.,n., from the old pre-date makeup application.
A female of a species with filed-down nails out to catch the best (from the old rich) male of the species.

Daisy said...

Tx, TLP!!!!!! I had a feeling I must be one cuz I all ways prey with faith!!!!!!! But then I really reconized my self in you're definishon!!!!!!

Mrs. Weirsdo says she guessed a bear. Lucky Momma Bear wasn't around!

Minka said...

It has already become kind of a ritual. On Saturdays, when I log in and my computer greets me...I know it is story time. And every time it pays off. And this is coming from a girl that grew up daily with fairytales told by several relatives competing for her attention.

I think Willie could have a second name: David ;)

karma said...

haha Monika. The thought did occur to me, but I was too shy. While Doug is safely away rescuing rabbits, let me quickly propose another name for Wonderdog: Harry

Doug said...

Tan Lucy, I know you'll give him a great home. I suspect it'll be a mama bear, not a bus.

Daisy, glad you were here and say hi to your mom for me. That Weirsdo's pretty canny.

That's quite a compliment, Monika, thanks! Willie would totally kick Goliath's butt. Right, boy?

Karma, do you read Monika's blog? Way cool.

Tom & Icy said...

Wonderful story. We all love Willie and Walena too!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I didn't know that we were giving Willie a middle name! So how about "the"? You know, like Hagar the horrible, or Attilla the hun.

All the fiercest guys have THE as their middle name.

Minka said...

Right you are TLP. THE Willie sounds Great to me as well.
Karma, I have to ask...why Harry? in Potter? Yes, now that is great. Magic powers is always a good thing to have, especially when you are up against bears and lions and coyotes and stuff.
My verifier word for today is: yunpwxy. I can hear Willie growling!

Daisy said...

Mrs. Weirsdo is NOT my MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!! My first mother died of smoking and drinking, my second lives in New Jersey!!!!!! (One of the nice parts!!!!!!!!)

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Uh, there are nice parts in New Jersey? Gee, I've been there a lot of times...trying to remember a nice part...

karma said...

holy maloney. before i can say 'Jack Rabbit', you're back. how many did you rescue? yea, i did visit Monika (and she visited me).

doggie dumpling should have a Viking name then :

'Edrzzka The Wonderdog'

thats my verification word. but we could call him Ed for short

Doug said...

Thanks, Icy. Do you and Dusty want to over and start a bear-buster team?

Good point, TLP. I never really thought "a" did him justice.

Monika, I thought she was referring to Harry as in Derrick and.

So sorry, Daisy.

TLP, wait'll Actonbell gets here. She'll put you right.

Karma, I probably shouldn't tell you guys this but Willie's a secret agent for Blogger who writes all the verifier word.

Fred said...

Attacked by coyotes? Holy cow - that's one tough dog!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Am I too late?
First what is a blue heeler?

Willie does have rather come hither eyes.Do they run in the family.

Predator,n. An insecure cannibal or a female that hangs around the us tennis open hoping to take a bite of the nineteen year old, male winer of the French Tennis Open. ;)

Doug said...

Fred, he's a bad, bad beagle. or blue heagle.

Alice, you're always right on time. A blue heeler is an Australian Cattle Dog. Of course, it's hard to determine a breed with the head missing but that's what he looks like. So how'd you do?

dddragon said...

Oh, com'on mom, the miniature golf courses were all good. Even that tiny one near the apartment.

Remember the softball games, business vs business? The Purple Moose (bar) vs The Brass Balls Saloon? I've got t-shirts from those places.

Jamie Dawn said...

You can add me to the people who love Willie.
He won me over in a second.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

No, you don't dddragon. That was O.C., MARYLAND, honey. Not N.J.

New Jersey is where the nice place we had right on the beach ended up with dead horseshoe crabs all over the beach. AND you all acted bored because the boardwalk there wasn't as good as in Maryland.

Doug said...

Dddragon, I miss putt-putt.

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. That's a trick my old stray dog mastered on his own. I don't know if I've said here that I got willie when he wandered onto a big campus in Macon Georgia where kids in protective custody went. The 9-12 year-old girls were feeding him puppy treats mouth to mouth.

TLP, it was me who said Ocean City was in Jersey. I thought I remembered that from Actonbell's vacation.