Thursday, September 08, 2005


Geese, n. The plural of Prohibitionist.

2005 Update:
Cartographers of North and South,
Poets of letter "V,"
Attributed to silliness
Their great efficiency. -Walela


dddragon said...

do you hear that melodious honking?
it is not cars looking for parking.
if you crane your head around,
a V in the sky can be found.
hand stretched out,
you shout:

Tom & Icy said...

What's that white stuff on your shoulder?
Is that a Model-T up in the sky?
I felt a chill, it's getting colder!
Oh, silly friends, good-bye good-bye

Minka said...

Did anyone realize that as a realtionship progresses the animal-nicknames are getting bigger?

sweet honey-bee --> silly goose --> stupid cow

verifier: wyncai- japanese for giant whale ;)

karma said...

saucy birds who eat the exact same food as ganders but are not as smart as Walela The Talking Dog and Philosopher

obatg: an anagram of Tagbo The Flying Squirrel

Tan Lucy Pez said...

A gaggle of ganders
Fowl flyers flowing far
Poultry with hare brains

Doug said...

Dddragon, that's true poetry. Glad you worked in a "V," silly goose.

Icy, I'm laughing. Good dog, and I'm glad you don't fly.

Monika, that's why I think relationships should have an 8-year term-limit. Try to stop things before people become "Darling Whale" and "The Old Elephant"

Karma, that's hysterical. Tell us about Tagbo, I only know Rocky.

TLP, in defense of your lagophile daughter I oppose use the term "hare brain." I think you mean "Person of Cognitive Lagomorphia"

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Ah, Doug, but you don't mind Ambrose Bierce's using geese as a symbol of silliness. Inconsistent respect for animal dignity.

Well, hrmpf! Geese are goofy, and dumb bunny is redundant. They redeem themselves with us because they are attractive. Shallow creatures that we are. (Plus they're delicious.)

Doug said...

Aral's not an eiderphile. I'm trying to consider your daughter's feelings since you clearly do not!

Another Joan Crawford-type said...

LOL. I surrender dear. Speaking of deer...

Doug said...

Ha-ha-ha! I couldn't figure out who that was.

fdagor, ?. Don't know but I bet it has something to do with Aral's post today.

a4g said...

Geese, n. Creatures force-fed high calorie diets, causing their abdomens to expand, making moving difficult and painful, and causing their livers to grow 6-10 times normal size, in a quest for the delicacy known as foie gras. This is nothing like the average American, who self-administers the procedure by choice, resulting in a delicacy known as foin-graine.

pqggqtp - pointed quotes give good quality to posts

Sreekesh Menon said...

a spokesperson for all the man-geese in the world.

karma said...

Rocky Racoon met his match, although he told the doctor it was only a scratch. Tagbo The Flying Squrrel, on the other hand, is the centre of the V formation. he is the victorious one. way to go, Tagbo!

wnuzv: when you think victory is zilch

Sar said...

It's a twofer!

ahvzaj - (said in a low, secretive and heavy German accent)...
I have the J and the goose flies at midnight.

dddragon said...

A flock of very silly geese
had recently lost their lease.
So off to the sky
the group did fly
looking for a new home.
But then they saw a dog with a bone -
It was almost too good to be true,
a new home, out of the blue!
So now Tom and dear white Icy
find stepping thru the yard quite dicey.

But wait, wails Willie,
What about me?
I love that Geese gang
(He said with a bit of fang)
Walela gave a consenting yowl
When she thought of all that fowl.
But Doug shook his head at the dogs
(The source of many a blog)
"I thought you two were lagophiles
And loved to chase rabbits over the miles."

(okay, I’ve got to run now … )

Sar said...

Wow, dddragon!!

Doug said...

a4g, foin-graine sounds delicious.

Sreekesh, and there are a few aren't there?

Karma, I'm still mystified. Can you use crayon?

Oooh, Sar, secret code. You're a secret agent aren't you?

Hee-hee Dddragon.

I agree, Sar.

AP3 said...

Not only am I not an eiderphile, but I don't love ducks, eider.

I'm a vegetarian, so I don't eat rabbits. TLP knows that. She's just being cruel.

Geese, n. Those popular chosen children who are not among the overlooked ducks.

Sar said...

Nah, Doug. It's just from watching too many episodes of Alias (love that show).

Doug said...

Aral, I wish I'd known that sooner. While I have no issue with your orientation toward women and rabbits, vegetarianism is an abomination. I support the Defense of Sausage Act constitutional amendment. Have at her, TLP. Cute pun, though.

Sar, that's what any spy would say.

Rio said...

gooses, geeses
i want my geese to lay gold eggs for easter
at least a hundred a day
and by the way....
dont care how, i want it now

Closet Carnivore said...

Doug, Doug, Doug. Don't encourage meat-eating.

If some folks don't eat meat, then there's more meat for you and me. See? Like that. Don't go gettin' other folks to eat their fair share of meat.

You can see where that slippery slope would take you, no? If we made it legal for all to eat meat, well, some people would want to eat their dogs.

Jamie Dawn said...

Excessively noisy.
Excessively poopy.
Excessively aggressive towards little Jamie Dawn when she just wanted to give them some bits of bread.
They scare me now.

Doug said...

Rio, I recommend not digging for them.

TLP, I recognized you this time. I really enjoy the way you find new tricks. Yoou're really good at that.

Jamie Dawn, if I find the goose that did that to you, I'll ring it's neck. Or, really, any goose.

esimqc, n. Igloo building code.

The Gluttonous Carnivore said...

Geese ... yum. Geese with rabbit appetizer. Yummier!

Then I'll have some mutton pie and kidney pie for dessert.

LeesahEm. said...

geese-annual lawn decorators of the stinky kind as they move on to better more southern pastures.

weirsdo said...

Noble in a flock, silly in a gaggle
Fearsome hissers, ghastly gabblers
Source of writing implements and downy sleep accessories
Divine pâté providers, harbingers of fall.

dotbar said...

What the come YOU get so many comments?? Psst. You can tell me your secret. Anyways, you really need to learn to spell Shalom. You're not a good Isreali! thanks for the comment. I'll add it to my other paltry one or two. lol

Doug said...

Go ahead, glutton. I'm not protecting that vegetarian of a daughter of yours anymore!

Masil, you mean honkies?

Weirsdo, excellent Rubbaiyat

Dotbar, I love your blog and I'm delighted you're here but I'm not any kind of Israeli so I'm mystified. Having really understanding, good-hearted, funny blog-friends is the secret. Don't sweat the content.

Verifier=wgayrha. Why does every verifier today remind me of Aral's post? I wonder if someone's trying to tell me something.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Damn noisey minions from hell.

Doug said...

Carnivorous Dddragon, I was pansified! If Aral's sister's attacking her I may forgive her vegetarianness.

Alice, I knew they were on the payroll.

veej said...

goosey goosey gander
and where shall i wander?
to meet one great blogger
has just made me madder...

:)whateva!hi, doug...

dddragon said...

doug, I had also been taken in by TLP, and also just HAD to try it out myself. lol ~ I am so lame ~ I never knew what "pansified" meant before.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Sleepin' in, Dougie? It's time for a new word. Heck I've already had my morning walk. Get in here and blog.

Doug said...

Hi, Veej! I'll try to be kinder.

Dddragon, you're not lame. I knew the meaning of pansified long before I knew the word.

TLP, I'm actually kind of tickled to have a friend on the East Coast who notices my slow morning on the West. Thanks.

eycqorms, What prevented my promptness this morning.

veej said...

thanx, doug...funny, but just ended a Reader class on "Fly Away Home" by Patricia Hermes. If I ever had a goose, I'd probably name him Igor. Then, I'd eat him...Now, look what u've done, Doug!

zjrjyg:a goose in heat.

dotbar said...

Sorry. that was my attempt at humor. You know, you wrote "sholom" (hebrew for peace, right?) when you posted your little man on my blogmap and I was trying to be funny about it. oh, never mind....maybe my family is right and I'm really NOT funny.......nah!

Doug said...

Oh, Dotbar, it was a fine attempt at humor. I had a long workweek and my memory wasn't so great. Please come back and stay funny.