Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Chained by a friend

OK, I still think friends don't let friends meme, but Monika is a pretty good friend. The game is to give 5 pieces of useless information about yourself which in my case includes all of it. I won't chain anyone else, but this is kind of a fun one so invite any of you to follow suit.

Carnivorous, adj. Believing in both reincarnation and evangelism. I need to eat an animal at every meal.
Astronomy, n. The establishment of expansive and spherical role models. As I child I read everything I could find about Astronomy.
Asclepius, n.p. A semi-mythological doctor who learned from animals how to treat humans. I've always been more comfortable socially with animals than with people. At my first indoor job (The Carter Center (mid-20s) the story may still be told about my looking for a pad of post-its and growling at the supply closet.
Nomad, n. One who replaces shoes frequently and carpets never. I had had 10 addresses by the time I left home at 17. I probably tripled the number in the following seven years.
Walkabout, n. In world history, the most rational answer to colonization ever. I have spent time in Peru, Guatemala, Argentina, Australia, Germany, France and had residency in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Georgia, Nevada and California and still can't explain what I was up to hardly anywhere.


Minka said...

Doug, I chained you to make a comment on MY blog. Not to waste valuable space of Waking Ambrose :)
Yet again you did a very witty reply out of an innocent meme.
I am a Nomad, too (left home when I was 14! and settled eventually in Iceland...for now).
You are a pretty good friend too ;)

Fred said...

Like the walkabout. Since I'm also a peripatetic individual, I like this one. (Although I don't walk, I fly...)

Doug said...

That's okay, Monika. The real estate around here's pretty affordable. Thanks.

Do your arms get tired, Fred?

karma said...

i could do a lot with this useless information

qnprvhrk: a Tasmanian aardvaark, known to attack those with ants in their pants

Fred said...

LOL - it's my propeller that takes a beating. Need I say more?

Doug said...

Sure, Karma. Maybe write a post comparing Asclepius with Kundalini.

Naw, Fred. I'm good.

weirsdo said...

Mrs. Weirsdo enjoyed this glims into you're life, Mr. Dog. But I wanna no what happened to Pimpy? He was HOT!!!!
Anyhoo, sory I cant do your mime, but evry single detale of my life is increddibly importent!!!!!!!!

Doug The Una said...

Here I am Pansi, and I couldn't agree more. Every detail of your life should be honored as a blogpost.

Sar said...

That's the most originally formatted meme I think I've ever seen. Pretty impressive for useless information, there Doug.

Best line? "One who replaces shoes often". ;)

Doug said...

Ah, Sar. You found this. Now you know all my secrets.