Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Special Guest Wednesday

This week, I'm proud to have a guest definition from Andrew Donaldson (Bread and Circuses) He wrote the following definition:

Progressive, n. A progressive believes that change is good, as long as it was his idea.
A conservative believes that the last good idea someone had was the absolutely last good idea.
Incidentally I think it was John Podhoretz who said that "a neoconservative is a liberal who was mugged by reality", which is a clever play on the classic" a liberal is a conservative who got sick, and a conservative is a liberal who got mugged".

About Andrew: Andrew Donaldson writes Bread and Circuses, a site primarily about politics with a left-leaning perspective but including popular culture, sports and a quote of the day. The broader context, as compared to other political sites, gives a sense of the person behind the posting. This makes Bread and Circuses one of the most readable and engaging political sites I read. Another feature of Bread and Circuses that I appreciate is that Andrew has a good ear for measured language and his is one of the few frank political sites from either side of the aisle that expresses itself with thought and without shrill urgency. Andrew seems aware that the 2004 election happened last year and that the 2008 election is scheduled for 2008. A few other things I like about Andrew is that he lives in Minnesota and probably knows the Powdermilk Biscuits ad from A Prairie Home Companion cold. When I asked Andrew for some biographical information for this post, he quoted a bio of him that was used elsewhere: "Andrew Donaldson has done nothing." I aspire to a similar eulogy, but the name Andrew is spoken for in my family.

How to be a Guest on this site: Just leave a comment below telling me you'd like to be a special guest here or send me an email at the address in my profile. I will need an email to contact you. Immediately after publishing the Wednesday post (unless I flake for a day or so) I send an email to the next person on my list with a word to define. I request that the definition and an accompanying graphic be sent to me by Saturday night. Goa'uld was a guest here and went on to get a perfect score on the math portion of a standardized test. I'm not saying I should get all the credit, but you want to be successful, don't you?


Sar said...

Nice definition. I'll be sure to check your site. Am I the only one who noticed the lights look like a halo over Dean's head in the pic Doug posted? That's amusing.

Progressive: The contemporary liberal.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Welcome Andrew. Good definition. I'm just an old fashion bleeding-heart liberal myself.

The reason I don't volunteer to be a guest is that I can't define words. Simple as that. Heck, some days I can't even read.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

I visited Bread and Circuses, but it won't allow me to comment. Huh.

Tom & Icy said...

What happened to your funny play?


Ok Doug...your masterpiece is up.

Feel free to pimp it.

Thanks once again.


LeesahEm. said...

I haven't been to Bread & Circuces in forever. I'll have to go say hello. Andrew is also in a rockin band. Did you mention that?

Andrew Donaldson said...

Tan Lucy Pez:

You are only the second person I know of who's been unable to comment on my blog. I'm sorry for the problem, as I like comments.

weirsdo said...

Good definition. I hope it will bring many into the Progressive camp.

Jamie Dawn said...

I love your definition and how you go on to poke fun at the definitions of "conservative" and "liberal."
In politics, there's a lot to make fun of.

Doug said...

Sar, it was Andrew's picture selection. I think intentional. Good eye.

TLP, I think I figured it out on the second or third try. It's different from blogger and haloscan comments.

Tom and Gabriel, I'm certain I don't know what you're talking about.

Masil, I didn't because I didn't know. Andrew, you been holding out on me?

Well done, Andrew.

Weirsdo, Pansi almost got me.

Thanks, Jamie Dawn. Fair and balanced.

Anonymous said...

Saying "Hi" on every blog I hit through blog explosion today. So Hi!

Andrew Donaldson said...


The halo picture was, indeed, on purpose. My band is the Rock and Roll Haircut. I'm the lead singer, because I can't do anything else.


actonbell said...

Hi, Andrew! Love the definitions and the picture's worth a 1,000 chuckles:)

pia said...

Jon Podhertz did say that line; but isn't the creator of the word neocon. It came into accepted usage in the 1970's to describe people such as his parents, Norman Podhertz and Midge Dictor, who had once been been left leaning (CUNY college days;) okay more Communist leaning, broke with them during the Stalin/Hitler nonaggression pact, began to call themselves progressive, and as time went on, became further to the right

Sorry this has nothing to do with the word of the day, but it's a term that's widely misued by people on the left and right, and makes me crazy

Jon did sum it up nicely

Doug said...

Hi, So Lost.

Andrew, see you have done something. I'll have to look for your music.

Glad you liked it, Actonbell.

Great comment, Pia. Thanks.

weirsdo said...

Mr. Dog: Mrs. Weirsdo ashures me there is not a single German word here!!!!!! You promised!!!!!!

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Oh one of those cool Salon Blog people.

Doug you are coming up in the world, soon you won't talk to me at all.

Very good definition if it does pain me to say so.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...
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AP3 said...

Yes, great definitions, and the picture is a hoot, too.

Doug said...

Pansi, I promised for today. See Above.

Did anyone else think they heard something?

I thought so too, Aral.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

I vote for Tan Lucy Pez!!

Doug said...

Don't have to tell me, Barbara.