Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Special Guest Wednesday

Today's guest is the beautiful and talented Karma. And fellas, I have her picture (right.) No, that's Janis Joplin, dummy, the pretty one with the serious expression at top is Karma. Jeez.

Karma has defined:

Attire, n. For women, an ornamental covering worn with the objective of becoming so attractive to men as to induce them to remove the same.
Attire, p. For men, a balled-up mess in the back of the cupboard that nonetheless suffices, when worn, in guarding them against the vagaries of weather.

* Not to be confused with a rubbery product made by Goodyear

About Karma: Karma works as an executive in corporate communications for a well-known information technology company and lives in Mumbai, India. She worked for a long time as a creative director in advertizing and is a professional writer and artist. She is the divorced mother of a grown, professional son and Waking Ambrose. Based on her website (and the picture above isn't exactly exculpatory) she's lived a rich life as the kind of free-spirit all admire and most envy.

Her weblog, My Karma Just Ran Over Your Dogma offers Karma's insight on Indian places, the Vedas, fashion, food, popular culture and nekkid boy-band singers. Anyone reading this who has known me for a long time and wonders why that would interest me needs to read Karma's writing. Karma is a poet, flirt, a historian and a vamp and a critic and a comic and a flirt and a flirt. She excels as all seven. Hers was the first site I ever felt compelled to leave a comment on.

OK, now back to me: As I mentioned, my commenting career started on Karma's site. One day, after I'd started reading and commenting regularly, another commenter left a nasty message for Karma on her site and she responded with a cussword I'd never seen before and admired. On February 28, a day that will live in modest infamy, as a response to my inquiry, she wrote her understanding of the history, meaning and usage of that word (Language advisory.) Her post, and the conversation that followed reminded me of Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary and that night, Waking Ambrose was born.

One thing that shouldn't be left out of a discussion about Karma's site is that a very diverse and charming collection of people gather and comment there. Karma's site is well worth reading on the face, but if you skip the comments you're missing a lot. Enjoy.


karma said...

thank you darling

spbvbdc: a spider and a cow competing to learn the alphabet

pia said...

spbvbdc: a kind of acronymn for: stupid president buys vibrating bed
debates creation

Well, it was hard!

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Attire, n., Akin to OE -an ounce of perception is worth a pound of substance.
A splendid disguise.
Attire, vt., to doll up or dude up

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Forgot to say: Hello Karma. I enjoyed your def. of attire and of word not to be said on this site that Doug's link went to. Never heard that word before. Not that I actually NEED a new word to call people who cut me off in traffic, but still always nice to have some variety in my vocabulary.

Good write up as usual Doug.

Sar said...

Attire: My shoe! And tying into today's guest post, Karma once called it pretty (thank you, Karma, your henna is pretty too).

Great write up again, Doug. No wonder we all stick around here. Flattery will get you everywhere!

LeesahEm. said...

I heart Karma!
attire-the shrouds of insecurity

a4g said...

Attire, n. The outward show of the inner self as it would be if only there were a little more in the budget for better attire.

dddragon said...

Attire: this word, when used, signals to some that the occasion
is too expensive to attend.

ALSO: Attire - (At-ti'-re) The single horn of a stag. (The plural attires is used for two horns.)



Great stuff...but is she BAD Karma? That seems to be the only kind I have familiarity with...


actonbell said...

Hello, Karma! Great definitions! And thanks for inspiring this blog:)

attire-can be either limiting or liberating!

AP3 said...

Thanks for introducing us to Karma, and yes... thanks to Karma for inspiring Doug!

Jamie Dawn said...

Karma is a very interesting and witty person.
I perused her blog and found her to be of the non-boring persuasion.
She's your inspiration! Thank, Karma.

If I'm going to be wearing "attire" as opposed to "clothes" then I know I will be wearing my uncomfortable black high heels. I feel a blister coming on.

Doug said...

Karma, thank you of course.

Pia, that might be the funniest thing I've read in a long time.

TLP, I wish it weren't so. I'm pretty substantial in my way.

That hasn't been my experience, Sar, but I'll keep plugging away.

Thanks, Masil. We all do. Perfect definition by the way.

a4g, beautifully circular. I prefer my reasoning that way if you can't tell.

Dddragon, or too dull too attend. And I did not know that, in fact. Thank you.

The worst, Gabriel. You'll love her.

Actonbell, I like to fool myself both ways sometimes.

For my part, AP3, you are very welcome.

Exactly, Jamie Dawn. Non-boring is what I aspire to. I don't bother with either by the way.

Fred said...

Hi Karma! Any friend of this motley crew is a friend of mine! I'm off to visit your blog now.

Princess Wild Cow said...

Amazing, two of my favorite friends so intimately acquainted and I never knew. Now, that I do, Doug, watch much as I love Karma...I can grow to love you. In a very non-stalker kind of way, of course.

Doug said...

Fred, you're in for a treat and thanks.

Hey, Princess! Great to see you over here and I never discourage stalking.

Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

Way to go Karma. I want your name.


I attire becuase I just got home from class.

My mind is mush.

Doug said...

You know, Alice, in your case some mind-numbing may be just the ticket.

AP3 said...

By the way, Doug, thank you for connecting me with the Drunken Lagomorph. That was very sweet of you! I told you you were sweet!

weirsdo said...

Hi Carmen!!!! Good definishons, but ares doesn't really cover. It'd really be streching it to say that.

karma said...

Doug, before your Wednesday turns into Thursday (my Thursday is half gone already), I want to thank all your friends here for their kindness and generosity of words (including those that come after this comment). * Hugs and kisses *

You are fortunate to have such wonderful friends. And it is my good fortune to have you as mine

tkquij: thank the quick jackal

Doug said...

By golly, Aral, you were right! You forgot "and pretty as a rainbow" but I'll overlook your oversight.

Pansi, yours is a gracious rubber soul.

Thanks, Karma, I'm lucky in my friends and honored you're among them.

Minka said...

The comments of today are like a giant hug.
You attire each other with appreciation, charm and devotion.

Doug said...

Glad you could join the group hug.

I.M. Dedd said...

karma is awesome...there is not debating that

I.M. Dedd said...

I meant no debating that, of course. I got nervous.

Doug said...

Sure, Dead Guy, I understand. Karma just kind of gets you right there, doesn't she?