Thursday, June 05, 2008


BORE, n.  A person who talks when you wish him to listen.

2008 Update:  A neighbor with a tall wall or a high hedge.


mireille said...

What you never have been. And, oh!, am I first? xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ceiling issues...such a bore.

Jamie Dawn said...

I bore two children.

The sentence above has two meanings.

Tom & Icy said...

You can bore a hole in that high wall and find your neighbors aren't so boring after all.

javajazz said...

re: your update,
i aspire to become
that boring...

TLP said...

CNN is full-bore boring to me.

Your site is NEVER boring.

sauerkraut said...

The gun nuts inform me that when cleaning the cannon, it is important to pick the cleaning clothe according the requirements of the bore thereto. Those guys can be such a bore.

actonbell said...

Oh, I wish I could remember that dialog from a Veggie Tales episode...
You're boring.
Well, I knew I wasn't the coolest cucumber...
No, I mean you're boring. You're boring into the earth....

It was some young veggie's bad dream.

Boring is okay. If you don't like that, well--may you live in interesting times, if you want:)

I like you're update, you voyeur.

actonbell said...

YOUR update. I hate to abuse apostrophes, even when tipsy.

ugmil-that was awful

tsduff said...

Doug, I think you've been watching too much Tool Time with Wilson & Tim "The Tool Time" really ARE such a guy after all.

cooper said...

According to C.S Lewis a bore was someone easy to pray for but hard to visit. Robert Morely felt men who enjoyed their school days were probably bores, while Gian Vincenzo Gravina described a bore as a man who "deprives you of solitude without providing you with company".

The later is the nail on the head, as is your definition Doug.

A bore is someone who confesses their life sins to me for hours on end with no clue that my sins are so much more worthy.

quilly said...

Bountiful [and]

The only reality TV I want to watch is the slow, painful evisceration of the person or persons who thought it up!

Doug said...

Mireille, did I ever tell you about the first time I wore sandals? (Yes, you're first.)

Jenn, not the way you get them.

Haha, JD. True, and they can never return either favor it seems.

Icy, I just might.

JJ, I wish better for you.

Isn't it, though, TLP? I used to look forward to watching.

Sauerkraut, grin and bear it.

Actonbell, I have never seen the veggie tales. Which beer do you recommend for that?

Terry, I don't think I've ever seen it.

Cooper, that was very well done.

Quilly, I'll wait until then, too.