Thursday, June 12, 2008


SEPARATE, v.  To find bottom in Court after floating in an illusive sea of wedded bliss and blisters.

2008 Update:  To divide intact as an evangelist does with scripture, a reformer does with sin and the WORD incarnate did with fish.

For Mireille:
Two Lovers Frustrated by Fate, 2008, Google image search for "ink blot."


mireille said...

Please don't be sad. I mean it. You're doing this series on loss and it's upsetting me. If you need us to beat up some ingrate object-of-your-affection, just let us know. We are entirely capable of this. xoxo

Doug said...

Oh, for pity's sake.

Jamie Dawn said...

Both yours and Bierce's definitions are brilliant today.
Bravo! I am very impressed. I award you the gold medal and Bierce the silver.

Separate: Keeping something apart from something else - kind of like not letting the jello salad on your plate touch the mashed potatoes.

pia said...

Separate: to be on opposite sides of the court (one sunny and warm; one rainy and bitterly cold) but equal in the eyes of American law

javajazz said...

i suppose one can be
separate in marriage,
and separate
after separation...
i preferred to skip court.
financially it may not
have been a practical decision,
but perhaps, in other ways,
it was...

divide intact sounds like
one of those oxy

mireille said...

Rorschachs always remind me of pelvises. I need to separate analysis from kneejerk instinct and probably should seek professional help. I'm not the only one. xoxo

TLP said...

Wonderful Mireille! You're on top of this. Sign me up for the beating-up gig.

I hate to separate eggs, but people should always be separate while together.

While the word verifier was being mean and cruel to me, Mireille snuck in with another comment. Hey, I'm LUCY ya know. I do analysis for just 5 cents. Well, with the cost of gas going up....make that $3.999

Doug said...

Thanks, JD. I have major issues with jello and mashed potatoes touching, although I'm sanguine about peanut butter in my chocolate.

Pia, 's wonderful when you do satire.

JJ, I feel the same way about capital offenses. And capitol ones.

Mireille, it's like this: after mining Bierce for more than three years the process of word selection amounts to finding one I haven't done before. Then, sobbing on the kitchen floor that I'm so terribly alone.

TLP, invoice me.

mireille said...

LOLOLOL. Oh dear, it is just as TLP and I have suspected. For years. xoxo

*yes, I know I have exceeded the allowable number of comments for the day. Sue me. I just won't comment tomorrow.

TLP said...

Oh, poor baby! You are so alone. Except for the dogs of course. And except for your Mama and two Papas and siblings, and US.

But nothing takes the place of a good woman now does it?

Note to Mireille: I think you should comment early and often, sorta like voting.

Is it just me, or does that inkblot look like to elephants loving up a dawg?

Ariel the Thief said...

It looks like a bat. You cannot separate a bat.

Doug said...

Mireille, you have an open allocation.

TLP, peace usually takes the place of a good woman in my past experience.

Ariel, you can if you're Ozzy Osbourne.

TLP said...

*sigh All we ask for is a good caffe latte in the morning. Maybe a back rub. That and all your free time.

actonbell said...

I see two eagles carrying a dead pigeon. You won't be able to separate them until after supper.

G said...

Doug, perhaps you'd like to join us at Dr. Mark's next week? Wednesday at 3:30 pm. We have to remind him to bring his dog in to meet Julian, so there's that enticement.

Separate: together alone.

quilly said...

Doug -- perhaps is is not your definition of SEPARATE that is in question, but your definition of GOOD.

weirsdo said...

Separate, adj.: Not equal. The Court eventually got to the bottom of this black and white issue.

TLP said...

"TLP, peace usually takes the place of a good woman in my past experience." You KNOW what I wanted to do with that one. I demand credit for taking a pass on it.

sxbto: Sex with a bimbo tomorrow. what? I can't take a pass on two goodies at once.

Doug said...

TLP, that's the long and short of it, I guess.

Actonbell, that's just funny.

G, he's a hypnotist, isn't he? The dog I mean.

Quilly, I doubt it but, taking you at your word, here.

Weirsdo, pretty efficient isn't it? They got to 1345 in a mere 5 years.

TLP, now there's judicial restraint for you.

cooper said...

Looks like two chihuahuas fighting over a a weirdly shaped possible.

Ever tired to separate chihuahuas over food?


tsduff said...

I agree with Cooper - two things with big ears held apart by an atom bomb... what is the point of that?

Pray tell, what does mining Bierce and being alone have to do with each other?

Doug said...

Nothing at all, Terry. You have to know Mireille and her way of involving herself. The truth is, once upon a time, there was meaning to some of my choices of words, for people's birthdays and holidays and so forth. At this point all I can really do is look for the first unused one. The line about sobbing from loneliness was just teasing my dear M. My kitchen floor is too cold most mornings.