Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Economics Lesson

What is the price of gasoline?
And what, pray tell, is the cost?
What demon lurks behind the scene
And what warmth behind the frost?
They say that oil's freely traded,
Commoditized and fungible.
And so it is with the complaints created
(Which are barely less fundable.)

Oil goes for fuel and plastic
Demand for which is inelastic,
But, while oil's also needed on the farm
Scarce fertilizer, I think, will cause no harm.

PETROLEUM, n.  Literally, "stone oil," a by-product from decomposition of dead organisms, a resource less abundant than the discomposure of the living.


mireille said...

I think we should drill in your back yard. That will solve everything.

Petroleum jelly is often used to remove mascara. It's lousy at it, but still. xoxo

Jim said...

Petroleum: Not a good way to get stoned even if it is 'stone oil.'

Petroleum: Is there a use for this 'stone oil' when you're stoned?

"When you're stoned, baby, ... '

Anonymous said...

Petroleum , elixir of american life , and much of the world as we know it ... a drug of the it OVER-PRICED ? reflects the bankrupt usa dollar , 17 cents a gallon back in 1970 --- if only wages for those working the old-fashion way , kept up with the devalued dollar - But the Real Kick in the Groin will be , paying european prices - only the added costs will not be , taxes here , for the Many---it will be Profit for the FEW ..... off to drive to the store a block away...PEACE PROSPERITY BLESSINGS.....BioFuel,reuse fryer oil in your diesel vehicle ....WATER IS NEXT,,,spare a drink or simply a simply,so others may,simply live.............................................Rant and rave

tsduff said...

Petroleum - Something made by the stinky oil refineries in Martinez - dinosaurs in your tank.

Tom & Icy said...

Gotta keep your composure when going to the gas station.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

petroleum: If you ask about it, you're not rich enough.

TLP said...

It's worth its weight in gold.

Doug said...

Mireille, Willie's already working on it. There are beagle adits all over the hillside.

Jim, I'm not sure I appreciate your assuming I have the answer to your question which is: to drive to Taco Bell.

Rave on, Brother Bear.

Terry, I wondered why the cats I shove in my tank never come back out.

Icy, it helps to drive there in a Prius. Gas stations just make me smug anymore.

Too rich, probably, Poobah.

TLP, fie! You can't burn gold!

Jamie Dawn said...

The cost of gas will kick your a--.
Tis sad, but true, but it's our just due.
On butts we've sad for years, now come the tears.

I'm inventing a car that runs on urine.

The Old Mule said...

petroleum: The arbitrage of mollusks and muck.

Doug said...

JD, invents one that runs on piss and moan, you can save the whole planet.

Nice, Mule! Biercean.

quilly said...

When people stop cruising around in SUVs, I'll agree that gas is too expensive. Right now, apparently everyone can still afford to waste it.

Cooper said...

Such a sad word these days.

the amoeba said...

PETROLEUM, n. Fossilized linoleum. Proof positive that the pattern of gasoline prices does have a floor. Or maybe a floral.

It's official. The US state with the least access to petroleum products has the worst traffic jams in the nation. Drive on ...

the dudes said...

"Hey dude!"

"You're pushing it, dude. What makes you think these people want you back?"

"Trust me, dude. When their cars run out of gas, they'll be thrilled to have my back pushing them around."

"Yeah. And they'll back right up on top of you, and you'll be pushing up daisies."

"So glad to see you've got my back, dude. Knife and all. It's just like old times. Nothing's changed."

"Yeah, like how people drive these days, and never mind the cost of petroleum."

"You know what a gasoline addict's called, don't you, dude?"

"A car-go cultist. Sheesh. Go dig an oil well or something, dude, willya? I'm going to go have a little talk with Quilldancer. This is her fault, you know."

Doug said...

Quilly, I understand. I have to drive an extra fifty miles in a circle to waste gas in my Prius.

Petroleum, Cooper? Have you no romance left in your young soul?

Amoeba, it is lucky they aren't going very far.

Dudes, welcome back.

quilly said...

You know, I was in the wrong frame of mind when you offered this word. My proper response should have been, "I don't want to pet your troll named Eum."