Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Unionville Chronicles

Twelfth Canto

This week, the voice talent is provided by own dear brother, Andy. Click on the brethren at right to hear. Thanks, Abu, but you're still an ape.

To read, click on the coyote fetish.


TLP said...

For some reason I can get to the audio! Buggers. I wanted to hear Andy.

As for the story...that Fox. With brothers like that, who needs sisters?

TLP said...

CAN'T Can't get to the audio. *sigh*

TLP said...

Okay! Yes! Now I hear Andy. Sweet. Good job. (Sounds a good bit like Doug.)

AP3 said...

Bravo! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, my child! The kid can actually read and pronounced every word correctly. Well done, Doug, for the continuation of your wonderful Western ode and to Andy, keep up the reading, son. I told you that it wouldn't hurt.

Ariel the Thief said...

Abu Coyote?

Doug's voice is more of the ground of the forest, Andy's voice is of the sand of the beach.

My fave canto so far.

mireille said...

That's so sweet, the way you and Andy have always gotten along. Heh.

And your best lines ever:
“Time will waste with or without you,”
Coyote answered after,
“The end is nigh, the bill is due.

Happy Father's Day, D. I mean, of Willie and Walela. xoxo

TLP said...

Happy doggie-daddy day.

actonbell said...

Well read! I hear a resemblance, too. And it never occurred to me that coyote and devotee rhyme. I like that:)

Happy Father's Day! YOU get the bone today.

Doug said...

TLP, it's a fine line between brothers and sisters.

Thanks, Sis.

Anonymous Mama, we finally made good.

Ariel, isn't it amazing what you can get away with speaking in metaphor. Next time a woman asks me if she looks like she's gained weight I think I'll try "you are the wind that stills the reed."

Thanks, M. Once a year on Father's Day, someone calls me "sweet."

Thanks, TLP.

Actonbell, our bellies are identical, too!

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug, it is embarrassing but that is beautiful.

Jamie Dawn said...

You sound like brothers. Andy did a fine job on the reading.


There was a lot of munching and clawing of hind quarters in this week's episode. My bohunkus does not feel safe.

Cooper said...

I loved this piece.

Happy Father's day to the Blog Father.

G said...

Nicely done bros! There's a slight family resemblance going on, but mostly in the surety of the delivery. Bravo.

Happy Daddy Doggy Day. It could be said that you've helped father more than one blog, I'm sure.

javajazz said...

so cool to hear Andy's voice.
i always marvel at why
people in the same family
have similar sounding your dad
and you and your brother...
its a great voice too,
all gravelly and thick...
its got real substance,
whatever that means...
i think i have a coyote
fetish too....

Doug said...

See, Ariel? The difference between a gentleman and a cave man is the incorporation of metaphor into lying, as a soft breeze among cacti.

Jamie Dawn, I've met your brother. Your brother is civilized.

Thanks, Cooper. I prefer to think of myself as a blog uncle.

g, almost anything could be said. Including thank you.

JJ, it's from a childhood inhaling one another's breath.

javajazz said...

but its true,
similar to jazz improv,
there is an exchange
of sounds, essences,
a kind of entrainment
and almost unintentional
i find it very musical.

Ariel the Thief said...

Geez Doug...

tsduff said...

I enjoy family gatherings - whether it be by blog or car, plane or campfire. Great job Andy.

Doug, this violent chapter took a real bite out of Coyote - the wiley one who is usually on top of such things. Ever notice how sneaky foxes are so feline in nature? Hence my natural enmity.