Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bow-Wow, or Bough-Wow


2008 Update: Four-footed punditry.  A beagle's blog.


TLP said...

Wow, I bow to your update.

weirsdo said...

Bow--Wow!: Describes the end of a Hard Solo performance, especially, no doubt, now that he has a half-million dollar violin.

pia said...

Bow-wow: my newest friends and protectors Free and Too left Sunday night Free decided to be my guard and sleep next to me.

I forgot to say bow wow when they left with their slaves and feel awful--and miss them

Tom & Icy said...

Icy could learn from Wise Willie.
Or were you speaking of the bark of the dogwood tree?

quilly said...

BOW WOW! Bending over while wearing a short skirt ala Little Willy Wallace.

cooper said...

That would be a great name for a blog about dogs. lol
Please don't start one of those.

I get this image of an infant in suspended cradle swinging from a tree branch and all of a sudden the branch breaks.....

mireille said...

I honestly thought I left this before (FWIW) : language of Peruvians' dogs? Bucky's wisdom includes: rrrrrrrrr. xoxo

Jamie Dawn said...

Bow Wow: synonymous with Ruff Ruff, but not with Grrrrrrrr.

Louie said...


tsduff said...

Rough ruff.

The cork oak deserves a bough wow. And so does your update. Beagles rule.

actonbell said...

A few departed Ants called themselves Bow Wow Wow, once. Don't know why.

Peruvian Bark would strike me as something on a tree. Probably tastes good. Woof!

Sauerkraut said...

Bow wow? Wow!

I want Candy, yeah I want Candy.

Not Candy-O, tho.

Jim said...

Wow, short for bow-wow, to your update!

Yesterday Adi (our beagle) woke us up at 8:45--we are retired--as the door bell woke her up.

She also has some privileges most dogs don't have. I think Willie does too.

Doug said...

TLP, it's ruff down there.

Weirsdo, and what's the bounty on the fingers?

Pia, did you get two dogs or two men?

Tom, the bark of dogwood is better than the bite of a redbud.


Cooper, The Anubis Diaries?

Mireille, you are so young at heart and of mind. What does FWIW mean? GWTW is Gone With The Wind, right?

Nope, JD, you're right. Rrrrr is a whole nother matter.

Woof, Louie.

Amen, Terry. Or would in a sane world.

Actonbell, I remember "I want Candy." Back when we were young, you could sell anything half-naked, including top-ten songs and couch covers.

Exactly, Sauerkraut.

Jim, Willie supervises the menu.

FWIW said...

For What It's Worth

Doug said...

Thanks, M. Zockso.