Thursday, June 19, 2008


WASHINGTONIAN, n. A Potomac tribesman who exchanged the privilege of governing himself for the advantage of good government. In justice to him it should be said that he did not want to.

They took away his vote and gave instead
The right, when he had earned, to eat his bread.
In vain — he clamors for his "boss," pour soul,
To come again and part him from his roll.

—Offenbach Stutz

2008 Update:  An American commoner far from home, hearth, hardship, heart and harp.  An ambassador plenipotentiary to the law from a mob.


karma said...

by George, i'm first!

Mutha said...

Makes me think of Broadcast News and Holly Hunter debating the best cab routes at different times of day in DC.

Also, th contrast between Capital Hill and the very dangerous neighborhoods just beyond.

DC: To be a be part of the political scene is to live on a different planet than those who call it home and use the public school system.

mireille said...

Depends on the kind of Washingtonian. I choose the left coast variation: we're home, fond of hearth here in the piney woods, are aware of hardship although have an abundance of Chihuly glassworks, have plenty of heart ... and harp? wth? I mean heck, of course. xoxo

the amoeba said...

WASHINGTONIAN, n. One who has seen a war zone and hasn't had to join the Army.

And the license plates still read "Taxation Without Representation".

Ariel the Thief said...

The western movies take place on the west and the south, thillers take place on the north, there are series with San Francisco, Las Vegas and New York in their names. But without agent Mulder we could not be sure Washington is real.

Anonymous said...

many a thought the word conjures up--once watched barry goldwater and company debate the viet-nam funding down to thirteen( 13 ) there is some accounting,,lol,,once had to explain to a daughter why a man had constructed his shelter over a steam grate,on the sidewalk, along side the dept.of justice building--windows shuttered and or barred,,,,name of a failed movement (washingtonian total abstinence society)---in closing.."when a stupid man is doing something he is ashamed of,he always declares it is his duty "gbs............PEACE....May the power of Love,overcome the power of money,today and everyday :-)

quilly said...

WASHINGTONIAN n. an evolved being -- formerly human -- who, when elected to serve his country, immediately began to lose touch with his own morals, conscience and values.

actonbell said...

Wow, that's perfect, quilly.

(and I'd bet my Scrabble letters that your ride isn't trashy, Doug!)

Jim said...

Washingtonian: I agree with Quilly with one addition in that they become rich very quickly during and after their terms of office.

Washingtonian: those citizens taxed without representation who drank their tea instead of dumping it into the Potomic.

cooper said...



"Washingtonians" in the political sense don't live in Washington they live in Potomac, Marlyand.

"The Washingtonian" has a great "Weekend Guide.

Washingtonians - Started out as a bunch of heavy drinkers out of Baltimore who tried to keep each other sober.....

the amoeba said...

WASHINGTONIANS: Don't shake their hands. Until they get the idea that they have to wash them too.

Indeterminacy said...

Washingtonians: People who don't know the meaning of the word impeach.

Doug said...

Klever, Karma. Konsistently.

Mutha, do you suppose "D.C." stands for "Different Circumstances?"

Mireille, a collection of virtuous pagans.

Amoeba, the left off the "No" again? You'd think their senators and representatives could fix that.

Ariel, that may be so for Magyars. In this country we're pretty sure D.C. is tangible.

Bear, they don't even count billions any more.

Quilly, you noticed this recently?

Actonbell, I hope you aren't giving up an x.

Jim, that's a good definition.

Cooper, can you sober up a few of them?

Amoeba, the one thing I do trust a Washingtonian to do is wash his hands.

Clearly, Indie. I bet they think it's fuzzy fruit. They may even be right.

tsduff said...

I can't do this one. Too pregnant with politics. I have never been to Washington DC. I do enjoy Washington State though - immensely.