Wednesday, June 04, 2008


How many are silenced by those God anoints?
And how many given license to grieve?
A fiery rain of talking points,
A toady rain of "I believe."
Death be not proud, 
But whining self-righteous
And rhetoric loud,
which always incites us
Against the sinful infidel,
Global trade (the road to hell,)
Sexism, racism, the wedding bell
For gays and groups (you can never tell)
And unemployment, and ignorance,
Elitist snobs and common sense.
Tell me now, get off the fence!
If I want to make a difference:
If the justest cause mightn't be
A Global War on Piety.

(If in all these words you hear your call
You'll be the first against the wall.)

CANNONADE, v.t.  To broadcast angels, knights of the faith and holy writ in their round and leaden form.

The cannonade and hanging tree
Are both too good for you and me.
-Abu Ibn-Gharaib


pia said...

I'm first against the wall, I think, and have no idea how to comment to this without diluting the wisdom contained

Wow Doug it's been more than 3 years and you never fail to amaze

I could say a former candidate for president doesn't know when to quit--she hears a certain call....

Sinful Infidel said...

Cannonade: strong tasting summer drink.

Great poem!

Jim said...

Fatwa? Is that similar to the Fat file I couldn't copy so my pirated golf game program would run?

Fatwa? Google, here I come!

Jim said...

Fatwa? Google said, "Note on the word "fatwa": it means judgement."

This was from a very (to me) controversial post that may come again over and over before our general election.

quilly said...

You know, if we voted for a dog for president, we'd be certain to get some loyalty.

Which dog would best serve us? Snoopy, Pluto, LAssie, Deputy (remember him?) or Dawg?

Doug said...

Pia, sometimes I imagine that as you walk along, you blindfold yourself against every stone wall to invite justice. You're alright, really!

TLP, I see you as more of a virtuous infidel.

Jim, I fear many things will be repeated over and over before the general election but which post are you referring to? Linking is welcome unless you're selling cialis.

Quilly, Deppity Dawg and Huckleberry Hound would make a great ticket, although Hillary Clinton may not concede. I can tell you that in California's sub-presidential primary yesterday at our precinct we had 74 voters and four dogs show up. I think a canine ticket could really change the ratio.

Ariel the Thief said...

One thing I like about haiku is that it is short.

tsduff said...

Ha ha Quilly!

was elected Mayor of Sunol in 1981... hear hear. Life would be better I think if the president were to adhere to a "dog"ma which included national naps, a good bone or two, and plenty of tail wagging.

Doug, your verse was right on the mark in your usual fashion.

tsduff said...

Okay - I'm peeved because my blogger is mashing my links. Grrrrr. Where's that cannonade when you need one?

mireille said...

I'm with Ariel. Also am fond of love sonnets. xoxo

Doug said...

Ariel, is that a challenge? OK

True believers
Are like stones
In your shoe or skull.

Terry, I, for one, got nowhere by your link.

Mireille, roses are red, love blossoms pink
But I am content to grey and to think.

Jamie Dawn said...

Smartly written poem, Doug.

I'm offended because the title has "fat" in it.
Couldn't it be called Thinwa or Sveltewa?

G said...

I was going to say sport drink of the saints, but TLP sort of beat me to it. Oh well, at least your poem was good.

Tom & Icy said...

One bullet, one kill can be a cannonade because you kill thousands of his decedents.

tsduff said...

Try this one - to check out a very cool dog.


Doug said...

Is that your ruling, Ayatollah JD? Let it be written. Let it be said.

G, I think you added a twist. Have a cannonade!

Icy, I probably shouldn't bring this up but I have no descendents.

Very cool, Terry!

a4g said...

Canonade[sic], n. The fusillade of an ecumenical council.

Cooper said...

I'll issue my fatwa on your fatwa tomorrow.


They plow you with lead when you are against a wall in some countries.

That was a spectacular little poem you devised in the spirit of the week.

Ariel the Thief said...

Doug that is true in more ways than you'd believe.

So why tell in 110 words what can be said in 10? :-P Nah, that poem was quite good, I especially liked "Sexism, racism, the wedding bell/
For gays and groups (you can never tell)".

Kilroy said...

I was here. On time.

sauerkraut said...

Phat waaaaaaa

do a little diddy

Phat waaaaaaa

extremism isn't pretty

Phat waaaaaaa

drop it in your skivvy

Phat waaaaaa

get on your horse and gitty

Phat waaaaaa

politics nitty and gritty

Phat waaaaaa

go away already hilly!

word veri: hiphim

Doug said...

a4g, excellent. Deuterocanonical, even.

Cooper, which countries?

Ariel, I'm caught incredulous when anything I say is true.

TLP, I was here on time, too, but more passively.

Sauerkraut, have a little pity.

weirsdo said...

Wouldn't that be a "canonade," Doug?

Not only will you be against the wall, you'll probably be asked to adopt a wide stance. . . .