Friday, April 23, 2010


MALE, n. A member of the unconsidered, or negligible sex. The male of the human race is commonly known (to the female) as Mere Man. The genus has two varieties: good providers and bad providers.

2010 Update: An adjunct animal generated to simplify procreation and all creation. The spore before the television.


TLP said...

Male: obsolete. We have all the sperm we will ever need frozen for future use.

Men, on the other hand, we can still appreciate. Very much.

Mo'a said...

Whew!!! I am happy that TLP has already arrived.
Man: Adam...let's remember that before he sacrificed his rib there was no woman...just saying.
I learned that the translation for the name Adam is Mud...not trying to start anything here :) Like "Man you are mud"
Learned this on a PBS special last night, which was about "Mud".

Verification word: conspout ;)

Ariel the Thief said...

Male, female 1.0

the amoeba said...

MALE, n.

1. The contents, mostly spamiferous, of the inbox. No, wait ...

2. Cannon fodder.

There is a reason why the armies of Amazonia exist mostly in the personal realm between sunset and sunrise. Should a global power crisis take out the world's sperm banks, a single fellow could, granted the cooperation of the gonococci, repopulate the planet. He'd be kinda tired, but ...

Your ladyfriend should be dissuaded from attempting this.

Karen said...

Is Mo'a implying that Waking Ambrose is a Mud Blog?

Anonymous said...

right,anything i say
can and will be
used against me...

wonder day in paradise
railing sanded
paint can warming in the sun
new blade
bend the #@$% out of the old one
front lawn mowed

its 420
to analyze my

may peace fill the day
or may this club
guide the way


Mo'a said...

No, no!!! Karen...Male is the operative word here ;)
However, what I gleaned from the PBS special,is that we are all know dust to dust...or mud to mud. That is all I have to say about that.

verification: hersiv Hmmmmmm!!!

Karen said...

And if you live in Iceland it is literally "ashes to ashes".

sauerkraut said...

Have a memory of this song by someone... a woman singing to a man... "anything I can do, you can do better. ..."

Anonymous said...

MALE, n - (Fe) Gotta have 'em both

quilly said...

I miss my male. A lot. sigh

Anonymous said...

Wnat I have a date with tomorrow.

I wonder if I remember how to do this...have a date that is. Been awhile. Been stood up by the lower life form of the male species but it's PG here, I can't repeat what my rum running mouth called him. A lot. Frequently.

This new male has me nervous...and eying the rum.

Doug said...

TLP, and we appreciate being appreciated. Frozen sperm, less so.

Mo'a, I heard it as "clay" which is slightly more flattering, somehow.

Haha, Ariel. And Gorilla 1.0.1.

Amoeba, tired but tolerant, I'd think. Beats accounting anyhow.

Karen, I don't think so but she's welcome to.

See, now, Bear. If anything proves Ariel's point, it is this- "Anything I say can and will be used against me," you would think would be followed by silence.

True enough, Mo'a.

Karen, that's funny and the first new joke about the volcano in a week's time.

Sauerkraut, I remember that too but I don't think she meant opening pickle jars.

Alas, Thom, kinda seems to be.

Quilly, the road runs East and West.

Hey, good news, Jenn. Good luck. Here's a hint, he probably won't mind you drinking.