Thursday, April 22, 2010


MONSIGNOR, n. A high ecclesiastical title, of which the Founder of our religion overlooked the advantages.

2010 Update: A lesser Lord, more often heard from.


Mo'a said...

Just planting my flag.

Anonymous said...

monsignor , root word for
also known as
priest kissing

tsduff said...

Monsignor: A word that begs pardon for its pronunciation.

TLP said...

MONSIGNOR: Just another pretty dress.

Thom said...

MONSIGNOR, n - We the People

the amoeba said...

MONSIGNOR, n. A title signifying a high degree of proficiency in sign language, equivalent to the black belt in karate.

Was that a shout that I hea ...

Karen said...

You know you make me want to (SHOUT)
Kick my heals up and (SHOUT)
Throw my hands up and (SHOUT)
Throw my head back and (SHOUT)
Come on now (SHOUT)
Don't forget to say you will (SHOUT)
Don't forget to say-ay-ay-ay-ay-yeah (SHOUT)

sauerkraut said...

Monsignor, n., my uncle, now deceased.

C.J.Duffy said...

I have often been called a lesser Lord but then again I have often been called a variety of things. Not all of them nice or complimentary.

I think Karen wins my vote for sheer lunacy although I do like the amoeba's response.

Karen with video link said...

Wow, C.J, thanks for playing! And now, here without further ado is the Fab Four's rendition of "You make me want to shout"

Happy clicking!

Doug said...

Flag acknowledged.

Anonymous, you just managed to gross me out. Well done.

Terry, you're over my head with that one. Help a feller out?

TLP, you flatter.

Thom, you too, prolly.

Amoeba, that's just MonsignorKoko.

Karen, you go ahead then.

Really, Sauerkraut?

C.J., wait around. You might be called more things.

Karen, you're kind of a full-service commenter.

the amoeba said...

Actually, Karen, I was thinking more along the lines of hi-YAA!. But whatever rocks your theater - and not my noggin.


Karen said...

Gee, Amoeba. What are you some kind of song and dance man, or something there?